The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

thank you 2012

2012 has been a good year for me despite the feng shui vibes that it wouldn’t be. Probably it really helped that I am married to a Rooster husband whose luck was said to be overflowing during the Dragon Year. 🙂  It may not be a well-off year but it was one productive 366 days to account.

Anyhow, I’d like to share the highlights of my 2012 and make 2013 an even meaningful one.


January. I had my biggest birthday weekend as I marked my 38th birthday. I can’t thank enough my family and friends for being a part of this milestone.


February. After more than 10 years I was able to visit the “Farmhouse” again, there was an eerie feel but the sad feel outdo all other feelings around. It’s depressing that the traces of my childhood were all but gone. 😐


March. Leoncio and I were fortunate to be back in Bora just in time for the official summer month. We tag along Nanay and she enjoyed much the 5-star accommodation. The experience was remarkable with two of my favorite people in the world.


April. We travelled back to Ilocos for the Holy Week and the happy thing this year we were able to mark the occasion with BIL and his wife. It was a fun-filled break because we’re back to road tripping from Vigan to San Juan, La Union. Finally B was able to experience the big waters again.

nanay's 60th-9

May. I started my advocacy to eat healthy because I got really sick. I stopped drooling for red meats and fast-foods rather I became partial to fish and vegetables. Another highlight during this month was Nanay’s 60th birthday. It was another happy occasion as she embraced the senior years. Not to forget that we also got “Alfred” during this month, I would be forever thankful to Leoncio for his kindness as he give way even it means delaying our “forty” project.


June. I don’t know with you but I can’t remember the last time I set foot at the famous Walled City of Manila. Leoncio and I explored the streets of Intramuros to cultivate back our history. It was an extraordinary experience for us.

hbd bea 2012-2cebu2012

July. The first year we celebrated B’s 5th birthday in Cavite. It was a bit sad because she was sick during her special day nonetheless she didn’t put off Mom and Dad’s worrying, she’s back in shape after getting a dose of hugs and kisses. Another big highlight during this rainy month was when we visited Cebu for the first time and on this trip we were able to tag along Nanay and Sam. It was another 3 days of non-stop adventure and gastronomic delight.


August. Manila was hit by another Ondoy –Habagat brought damaged and left plentiful of houses soaked in flood waters again. I was thankful that we were saved from another flooding and remained dry the entire rainy season.


September. My first wedding attendance in 2012, well, my cousin Rheena had a big wedding at Sonya’s Garden which became another first time for my family as we all dressed up and attended this blissful occasion.


October. It’s been a slow month, I felt the midlife crisis has gotten me and I became needy of attention, I easily get pissed of things. Oh well, blame the age for it. Hehehe 😀  Oh, Ysa came out before the Halloween!

mr. jones-16

November. We’ve been dating and dining out too much this month and I think I easily gained back all the unwanted fats which I gradually lost in the past five months (while in my high-fiber diet). There were a lot of perks which we didn’t pass.


December. The busiest month that is and I’m not complaining at all. 🙂  I had Christmas projects, shopping splurges and plentiful of parties around. It’s pretty hard to recover, yes; I am definitely having that big hang over of the Christmas month!

Now, I look forward to shading my 2013 with bright colors. I know it wouldn’t be a smooth journey, there would be bumps and humps along my way but I’m ready to brave any failure, any challenge that is bound my way.  The Lord has been so good and I would always be thankful for all the blessings –big and small, thick and thin, in whatever form it may be! 😛



2 responses to “thank you 2012

  1. docgelo January 6, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    glad to know that despite the usual ups and downs (at least for me), 2012 has been a very happy one; and let’s all claim this new year to be so much better! it will with all our high hopes and spirits and better acts, definitely it’ll be!

    allow me to greet you an advance happy birthday this month!
    you deserve nothing but good things! 😀

    • january January 7, 2013 at 10:32 am

      i believe everyone has his fair share of something good and something bad every year but as the year concludes and start off another one let’s all embrace the positivity it has and look forward to doing it right this time again.

      thanks for the advance greetings and HNY once more! 🙂

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