The Month of the Heart of Winter

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a merry Christmas Day

Unlike many families we do not really have a big Noche Buena at home and what tickles everyone was Christmas Day itself. For my family, Christmas Day is a special day for kids (and kids at heart) who long for Santa’s gifts. We were raised about Santa’s coming on Christmas Eve and bringing special gifts so even if it’s already a known reality that Santa is our very own parents we wanted to keep the tradition and this time pass the excitement to the little ones.


Few days before Christmas Day I placed the boxes underneath our tree the reason why the kids at home went on sleepless for three nights. I caught them many times wobbling the boxes with their names on it; they can’t help figuring out what’s on it and even our baby B was equally excited to open hers. 🙂


I wasn’t surprised anymore when Christmas Day came; they were all wide awake even before six in the morning. Gosh! So even if it’s was too cold to jump out of bed I was forced to, I don’t want to play the “Grinch” and bring down their excitement.


It was a happy sight to see how these kids loved their gifts and though they may not get the exact thing they’ve written to Santa, it didn’t upset anyone of them at all. They’re just too thankful that Christmas Day finally came! 🙂


And here’s the lovely sight of our Christmas Day. 😛


These kids would grown-up soon and I hope the spirit of Santa and gift-giving will remain in their hearts without end.

More Christmas post to follow soon…


P.S. I didn’t receive my Christmas present from the husband yet, blame Rustan’s for it. 😦


3 responses to “a merry Christmas Day

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  2. docgelo January 6, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    no matter how we celebrate christmas, what matters most is the love shared on this meaningful season! 😀

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