The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a Christmas day out for B

I love it that the Christmas break last December was a bit extended, well, it gave Leoncio and I more time to bond with our furry babies especially B whom we can’t deny had developed a special connection with us over the years. Don’t get me wrong we love Ate Shen and the little Luckydoo too except that B was really an exceptional because she grew up under our care. I guess people who really knew us could attest how B was raised, how B was loved by everyone in the family.


Because a day out for her was long overdue (don’t count the McDonald’s drive thru trips here) we set the afternoon of Christmas Day to go out with her. We chose to bring her at a new favorite eatery burger joint, well, this isn’t her first time to dine at Army Navy, and the first time was in Jupiter branch in Makati.


Actually we were planning to bring the whole furry group but Ate Shen can no longer brave the chilly weather and the Luckydoo needs more time to become sociable and disciplined. And we know B wouldn’t like the idea of Dadi getting hold of Luckydoo while we’re out. Despite our small party B was happy, happiest should I say to eat all by her an order of a new favorite burger. 😀


We also dropped by at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church, we showed B around where Mom and Dad got married seven years ago. She loves the atmosphere as if she’s telling us thank you for bringing me up here. Three years to go and we will mark our tenth year, with God’s grace we look forward to renew our vows, B will surely be a part of that blissful event.


I miss occasions like this, the three of us like the old days when B was growing up. I wish there would be more long breaks so we can see her more often. She may no longer be a little puppy but in our hearts remains all her growing up years, Mom and Dad loves you dearly Bunso.


Now, Mom and Dad can’t help but miss you in our sleeps. Until our next get-together baby B! 😛


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