The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

on making a difference part ii

My Christmas project continued following the treat to the kids during the first week of December, the brown bags last week, yup, I set another date a day before Christmas Day. It’s a simple Christmas lunch treat to all our house helps old and new (well, of course we didn’t invite the one who ran away and unfortunately Ate Baby had to miss it because of a recent family loss). This one I call the grown-up edition. 🙂

With all honesty I didn’t grew up with any house aid around, we’re not well-off and it’s pretty understood that hiring one isn’t appropriate at all. I was raised doing some household chores like cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. I don’t know but that was the only task my Nanay continued to employ until my senior years in high school, perhaps she never trusted my cooking expertise the reason why. 😀  The good thing is I was saved in doing the laundry too because she’s an OC when it comes to washing our clothes. Yet despite my being a lazy dog around the house we survived way back then without any house helps, until my sister’s first born came a nanny was hired at once. There were plenty of nannies who come and go some were worthy (which we regret when we allowed them to go) and some were mind-blowing (which we send home right away). Over the years finding people who prove genuine concern was a real hard ordeal. It was a hit and miss affair.


And this batch of “old and new” forms the new set we have at home, they are like family to us hence they deserve a treat once in awhile.


It was another happy occasion as they get-together in one place, a happy half-day off for everyone. 🙂

The only favor I’d like to ask from these people is to take care of my parents as they come to age, may they look upon them as their own. And I hope it’s not too much to ask but trust is a very important factor, it’s hard to measure the value of it in a relationship but we all know the cost of losing it, please, say no to matters that will break up the balance we currently have at home.

Nanay and her girls!

Nanay and her girls!

Merry Christmas to each of you and I hope you liked the simple token we hand over on Christmas Day. 🙂


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