The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a quick and easy healthy dish

Because the husband and I are spending our weekends not at home this past couple of weeks it tends to be sinful for me. I mean bad because it’s troubling my high-fiber diet as the choices of dining out becomes limited especially when we are in hurry. I worry and I don’t want to get sick during the holidays so to avoid the inconveniences of getting sick and slothful I need to do an extra mile again and get back to cooking during the weekdays.

dec 11-1

Yesterday I happily came up with a not-so new dish which we enjoyed over dinner. Actually I have no unique name for this dish and it’s apt to call it stir-fried young green beans with sliced carrots and ground pork. I added some chili flakes to make it look-like Chinese.

dec 11-2

And boy it’s a super win to my fickle appetite!

dec 11-3

The young green beans were so crunchy even after re-heating it. I would definitely do a repeat of this dish again and again. 😀


P.S. Don’t you love my new plates? It’s from Play & Display which I got on sale at the World Bazaar. 🙂



2 responses to “a quick and easy healthy dish

  1. madjewel January 5, 2013 at 9:51 am

    nice sale find! i find myself wanting to buy some dinnerware lately O_o (esp. for salads)

    • january January 7, 2013 at 10:00 am

      i checked landmark makati over the weekend, they have plentiful of of nice-looking items on sale. btw, gourdo’s in on sale until tom you may want to check also. HNY! 🙂

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