The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!


Today marks another significant date –the 12-12-12, it’s the last repeating-number date of the century and to some the date may be fortunate or can be fateful too. Either way I guess the best to do when there is significance like this is to celebrate and pray –I tell you it works both ways. 🙂  Last year’s 11-11-11 gave me luck, I won an online contest that gave away a pizza package which the husband and I enjoyed (Thank you Angel’s!). This year, I’m not expecting anything grand to happen, well except of course if the husband wins the lotto bet, it would be a different story. 😀

I believe 12-12-12 is like any other date and things would happen if they are meant to be. I believe how prayers can move mountains and change the course of our fate; I believe its being powerful can make me a winner every day.

bread talk

a sweet treat from the husband last week…

Well, a happy 12-12-12 to everyone and may this day be a constant reminder that life is beautiful!

P.S. Tomorrow would be one special day as the husband and I mark our 7th year. We’re heading South to celebrate! 😛



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