The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

on making a difference

Christmas is giving, Christmas is sharing –that’s how Christmas meant for me all the time and probably that was how I see Christmas when I was growing up. You would most likely think that I always have the merriest Christmas, you’re mistaken. Being raised deprived of so many things I had my fair share of unhappy Christmases 😦  but those things never became a deterrent for me to mark the holiday with joyfulness and kindness. 🙂


Last Sunday I started my little Christmas project by treating the kids out to some play and Happy Meals. It’s very obvious hehehe, I brought them all to McDonald’s Tagaytay for an afternoon treat. If I have millions of money to spend I could have brought them to EK or even Disneyland but I’m not a Richie Rich yet so I guess it’s realistic that a Play Place would do for now.


I just couldn’t contain my happiness seeing their smiles; it’s an overwhelming feeling which I cannot explain. I wish I was a kid too so I could join them and play. Bakit kase nun bata ako di pa uso si McDo? Sigh!


These are the kids which fills our family house every so often. The young skinny boys were by my sister’s ex-helper, Ate Eva. We need to send home Ate Eva because she’s sick and the young boys were now at my Nanay’s care. The two girls were by my second cousin (paternal side) who lives in the neighborhood. Their mother used to be Nanay’s aide at home and Bea’s nanny at the same time, but she ran away leaving these two young girls motherless this Christmas. 😦  And because these kids were P’s playmates we cannot leave P of course, and Ate SAM would always be a tag along. We also invited Jane so she can help out watched the kids, Jane lives in our house too and ever since Bea’s nanny ran away she’s now in-charge of everything about Bea –from giving the latter her early breakfast, midday snack, early dinner, bathe and grooming. I hope Jane would soon consider letting Bea stayed with her in bed whenever we’re not around. 😀


I have to cut their play after an hour or so, I didn’t account the time, after seeing them covered with sweats all over. Besides their clamor was filling up the whole store so I have to remind them repeatedly to tone down. Oh these kids, it’s like they owned the Play Place and other kids can no longer play. But they’re not bullies okay.


An order of Happy Meal made everyone giddy! 🙂  I was considering getting them the Spaghetti set and a Burger McDo sandwich, their kids, so I thought that combination would be perfect, only to find out that they favored Chicken+Rice at three in the afternoon. The additional treat was the Hot Fudge Sundae which everyone enjoyed! I didn’t mind that I was having Coffee Float and fries only, I was savoring that moment seeing these kids little wish came true. I was overjoyed; I thanked God for using me as His channel of goodwill that day.


After finishing their Happy Meals I handed them the small toy included on it, I know they don’t own too much toy and most of them were probably hand-me-down so receiving something sealed and brand new was another marvel for them. It kept them busy for a while but we have to bid McDo goodbye, I know they wanted to stay and play once more but we have some errands waiting around. Next time kids, pray for another sunny day! 🙂


At the end that day, I can’t help but to recall the experience, the blessing I was able to extend to these kids, it’s not big in fact it’s too small to account but it’s priceless. Other than this occasion doesn’t happen every day and I cannot afford to do this on a regular basis, I was fortunate to share that happiness, I was lucky to bring smile to the needy ones even for a day. Someday these kids would grow old, and I want them to look back and remember not me, nothing but the good deed of making a difference. I want them to return the favor by doing the same thing in the future. They still have a long way to go and I wish today’s life may not sway them or bring about hatred and selfishness when they grow up.


“I’m gonna be a Ronald McDonald’s too, lifting kids to a better tomorrow, only that I can address their need for HAPPINESS now”


Merry Christmas Kiddos! 🙂



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