The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

thrift shops revisited

The recent day-off at Cavite was rewarding; I can complacently say it was far better than I expected and I was blessed for witnessing an awesome one. 🙂


As scheduled, we spent Saturday afternoon rummaging those thrift shops at Tagaytay to look for a suit which the husband will be using on Dec 22. As usual it took him long to find the perfect piece while I took advantage of it so I’ll have more time to hang around while looking for something wearable for the office. I didn’t fail and went home with two trousers for P180 each, mind you it’s an H&M linen loose chinos and the other is a Marks & Spencer corduroy jeans. I had both pair repaired so it would look semi-skinny. Another worthy find was the Marks & Spencer Autograph dress which I bought for P180 also, it’s in size 14 just my size but the cut was a bit sexy so I need to lose a little so I won’t look like puffy on it.

While looking around at the thrift shops I spotted some amazing finds you may want to check on soon, if these were my sizes I would have paid for it right away.


A Christian Louboutin pair, yes it’s the signature red sole in black “Very Prive” design, size 38. Though I wasn’t so sure of its authenticity because I haven’t seen a real one yet. Hehehe…


Anyway, I did a little research and found out that the pair I actually saw was a replica because the sole differ from the authentic ones. Read here. Still I was fascinated to find class AAA at those thrift shops. 🙂


Another pretty pair was this Christian Dior low sandal, I don’t know with you but I find its style classic and can go well around with anything from jeans, to dresses, to skirts. Bad that it’s way too small for my feet. 😦

There were other brands too like Enzo Angiolini, Nine West, Selfridge, the rest I can’t remember anymore. Sorry folks but if you happen to pass the place, I suggest you drop by and sneak a quick look. It’s worthy and I bet you’ll never go home empty handed as the pieces were so affordable and chic.


Will definitely be back again and hopefully bring the “aides” so they can enjoy a little shopping spree around (sponsored by Nanay, hehehe…). And as promised I’ll take care of the dinner treat afterwards.


Now, you think Leoncio is insinuating something here. Kimchi-land here I come!  Don’t take this post seriously folks, he’s just kiddin’ and trying to look like those Korean actors. Hahaha, LMH!



2 responses to “thrift shops revisited

  1. docgelo December 9, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Korea holiday? Go, Ms. Elna!!! 🙂

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