The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

crabby night at The Red Crab

I was up and ready by 8am last Friday despite its being holiday, it’s something odd for someone like me who normally goes out of the house passed 8:30 when there is work. 😀  Well, I needed to because I was meeting up with Nanay and Sam at Divi market that day and because they left Cavite way too early I needed to catch up with their coming, only that I came so-so late. Ok, blame the road repair my way to Taft Ave., the traffic build up was so heavy that it took me more than an hour and half to get into Binondo and it took me another 20 minutes walk to Divine Mart. And even if I wanted to run or walk faster, it‘s impossible for me to, people were everywhere and they flocked the streets, the sidewalks and I have no choice but to go with the flow. Sigh!

Anyhow, we had Nanay’s gown measurement right away, bought some gift items for the office, oranges and vegetables, had lunch at Wai Ying (168 Mall), and hurriedly left Divi to avoid the rush hour episode. Good thing there were shuttle services available going back to Buendia minus the traffic because Manong Driver ensures he only uses the side streets. Bravo Manong Drive for your being efficient! Think we need more of you during the entire Holiday rush.  From Buendia, we decided to ride the bus sans the convenience of riding a cab but hey the fare made a big difference and we saved more than thrice this time. Hurray to that!  At Ayala Center, first thing first is to deposit our bags full of “abubot” from Divi then we refreshed a bit and changed shirts to look a little polish. We stepped in to stores like Woman, where I scored a pretty nice long stop for P195 only, at Debenhams I was able to buy Ysa’s holiday outfit and at Gourdos I took home some cute sticker gift tags. We were thinking of going to Market! Market but considering the time I’m afraid we might missed 6pm –crabby buffet awaits us folks! 😀

red crab-23

Yep, that was the night I treated out Nanay and Sam to The Red Crab’s Grand Holiday Dinner Buffet, the most expensive set amongst TRC offering (P888+). It’s a little pricey but I don’t really mind this time because I am one hundred percent sure Nanay would enjoy the unlimited serving of crabs. I was so-right, she did! 🙂

A little camera shy

A little camera shy

The first time we had TRC’s buffet the choices weren’t that much and the crabs were already pre-cooked while this time we enjoyed a wider spread and you can pick your own live crab and have it cooked according to your preference. Now that was something else!

red crab-16

Our first batch of crabs was called Crab Maritess, the most popular (me thinks…). We all loved this set because it’s loaded with too much garlic that we enjoyed even after finishing this plateful. And the crab meat was so flavorful!

red crab-17

The second set was called Raymund’s Salt and Pepper Crab. The crabs were deep-fried and topped with green chilis and onions. I tasted the salt but not a hint of any pepper so I guess it should be named differently or seasoned rightly so its label would fit in. Nevertheless we wolfed down this serving fast.

We had another set of order, Steamed Crab, which didn’t arrived to our table but probably because we were nearly full that time we didn’t bother to make a follow up. Besides, aside from the two crab plates we had we freely enjoyed the pre-cooked crabs included on the buffet table. Likewise, there’s a wide spread of everything which we sampled that night.

The big camera was not available so I was able to capture few good shots of the plates we actually had.

red crab-18

It’s obvious; this is my first plate with maki rolls, Vietnamese spring rolls and taco salad.

red crab-19

My green salad topped with ripe mango. Yum!

red crab-20

And the main was this prime rib which was so tender and succulent! The husband allowed me to eat a portion so I was the happiest! 😀

The spread also includes mussels cooked in butter and garlic, fish fillet & shrimps in oyster sauce, buttered vegetables, roasted chicken, there’s another two dishes which I can no longer recall.  Don’t miss the grilling station and “sinigang” station, and the dessert station with fresh fruits, mini-cakes and soft ice cream.

thank you ney for this photo despite it's being blurry...

thank you ney for this photo despite it’s being blurry…

It was blow-out dinner after a very long day –tired but stuffed! 🙂

red crab-22

Until our next glutton-day Ate Sam! Think this teen will soon balloon like us? Hehehe… 😀



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