The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

something for B, Ate Shen & Luckydoo

Before leaving work earlier I went out and visited Pet Express nearby the office to get B and the rest of the canine family some take home goodies. It’s not much but would definitely send B to ecstasy. She loves pasalubong that’s why it is a requirement every time we’re home bound.

The stash I got includes some (as in 3kgs) dog food (lamb & beef which is B’s favorite), some milk treats, a nail cutter and a new leash for Lucky. I needed to buy another collar but it’s cheaper at Handyman so we might get another one for Ate Shen over the weekend.

Arriving back at the office I was surprised to find a free item on my loot…it was a Christmas suit that will definitely fit Lucky. If I knew right that there is a free item I might have requested for a bigger size, say an XL 😀 , so it would fit B. You know how envious she can be at times, okay most of the time, especially if the attention is not on her. I don’t know where she got that “superstar” feeling.

Can’t wait to see B and introduce Lucky to the whole family. For sure Ate Shen would love to meet Lucky but don’t dare ask B’s supposed reaction, I could only wish everything will be just fine and all three of them would get along. 🙂


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