The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!


I don’t feel right not because of work this time as that one is already a given dilemma unless some miracle will happen, anyway, I feel unhappy and it’s way too private to share. I know it shouldn’t be the case after receiving a number of blessing this week but there’s something I can’t help feel bad about and sad. 😦

I’m getting too sappy here wherein I should already be out and starting to shop now. Honestly, I’m not in the mood to shop partly because I know I also need to save for 2013’s big project and besides there are issues I want to settle first. God, it’s too disturbing and I cannot even tell the husband everything as I don’t want to drag him with my issues.

On Friday, it would be the start of another long weekend and Nanay is coming with Sam and we plan to rummage Divi market. I have other plans too, like we need to do some thrift shopping at Tagaytay for husband’s suit, we also need to visit Noel’s Bazaar, we need to dedicate a day-out for B, we have a hundred of things to do before Christmas Day and yet I haven’t started on anything yet. Boo me! 😦

to myself: have a merry one

Yea, we’re off to Cavite over the weekend and I hope things would get better for me.


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