The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

thankful Sunday

I almost took home my Christmas gift from the husband today while at the mall but I’m having second thoughts because it’s too pricey (my concern). But I really love it and I’ve been wishing long enough to have one. I don’t know but even if we didn’t bring it home I didn’t feel sad or anything probably because I know we could make a trip to the mall anytime and pay for it. 😛

Anyhow, we decided to drop by at the supermarket before going home and I was delighted to bring home all these goodies.

Cream cheese spreads –Australian Cream Cheese and Laughing Cow Cheese Triangle. We got the Laughing Cow because it was on sale at P56+ only.

B1T1 Jed Oranges for P192 only

B1T1 Sugar Free Wheat Bread. We were supposed to get the Multigrain Wheat Bread at B1T1 too but its expiry date is on the verge already.

Before leaving the supermarket I got us some cold treats –Good Humor Reese for me and Oreo for the husband. At P50.25 per ice cream bar these would be frequent.


Just my Sunday thoughts,

It’s bed time and another weekend is over and work is due again tomorrow but before I’ll end this day let me thank the good Lord for all the things that happened today. I am thankful that God led me to his words today –I was able to attend mass and hear the gospel, I know I made a vouch before that we would not skip Sunday mass but we kept on missing it plenty of times. I am thankful that we had a rewarding lunch (which I will write next), it doesn’t happen every day so don’t make me feel guilty please. And I’m thankful that you let us witness another Sunday despite life’s adversities.

at lunch earlier

As we walk around the high-end mall earlier, I feel so blessed that you gave me someone who’s sensible, someone who’s selfless, someone who’s giving and someone to hold hands. It was indeed a beautiful Sunday! 🙂


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