The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

i’m a fan

Another weekend came so passed and before I knew its mid-week once more. I enjoyed my weekend like the previous one because we were able to date exclusively minus the overly charge. Know what I mean? Read here.

Anyhow, apart from the dining experience I was able to witness the crowd at Glorietta when Lee Min Ho had his mall tour on Sunday. Lee Min Ho by the way was good-looking, fine-looking, dazzling –I’m lost of words when it comes to him hehehe, yes, he is the Korean actor who played Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flower and Johnny Lee in City Hunter. I love the guy! And I planned us coming to Glorietta so I can see him in flesh. 🙂

Actually the crowd builds up hugely after waiting for more than an hour and it look like even before we arrived Min Ho’s big big fans were already there. You know me I can’t stand too much crowds for long so while the husband was glued at the stage I thought it would be rewarding to kill time (window) shopping at Bayo and Kamiseta. It’s just the window shopping turned someone’s allowance in trouble for the next couple of days. Nonetheless, I went home happy with the paper bag! 😀

me trying to get in that big crowd behind

Back at Min Ho’s mall tour, his coming on stage was too short and because we do not have the pass to the meet and greet promo we were able to see him from afar. No regrets, I think I’m okay of seeing him even at the wide screen only. At my age, it never came to me that I would still go ga-ga like the younger days when I was madly and truly smitten to Ely B. You should see my collections of him, even the copy of letters I mailed him; I’m a die-hard fan for all ye know.

Whether you believe it or not, I love Min Ho, he’s overly cute for words…Saranghaeyo Lee Min Ho! 😛



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