The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

date night: fish a fish

My Nanay had been telling me that incorporating vegetables in her meal everyday never became her problem because it’s always readily available in her home but in my case it’s effort. And it’s very hard to resist fast-food food if you live in the city with no helper around. But I have to thank the husband who’s been monitoring and controlling my urge to eat unhealthy food every time we’re out to dine.

At the mid of this year I started my feat to eat healthy not because I’m obsessed to look skinny (in fact I’ve never aspire to be one knowing my genes) but more so I need it because I feel my age is getting on me. I started to feel sick recurrently which I can only account from all the fatty and high cholesterol food I always favored. I feared getting sick and flat on your back rather than not getting older. Hence, my drive to eat healthier everyday becomes my new drive in life.

Last night I met up with Kay, the lovely face behind the blog Life is Kulayful to claim the GCs I won in her blog giveaway. It was a quick meet up at Greenbelt 1, a quick photo op (which I later regret not taking photo of us together), I bid goodbye and thanked Kay again. As Kay mentioned since I was the first blog winner to claim the GCs she allow me to pick between these –Stella Wood Fire Bistro, Rocket Room or the nonspecific GC which can be used to any Raintree Restaurant. I picked the latter of course as it gives me plentiful of choice.

Given that husband and I were already in Greenbelt we didn’t think twice of using the GCs right away. We have three choices –the Museum Café, Mr. Jones and Momo. I picked Mr. Jones without ado. I remember how Docgelo recommends the place in his blog even before his departure to Manila. He and his family had frequent the place and I can’t recall any bad thing he had written of it so far. Likewise, Kay also suggested the place, so I have no reasons to pass over. 🙂

In no time, we arrived at Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5. I scanned the menu first before us getting seats, I’m quite conscious about the price especially that the resto sits at the high-end side of Greenbelt. With the husband’s approval we welcome the thought of giving our appetite a big one once again. For first-timers like us ordering was a little hard especially that there were too many to choose from. I was tempted to get a plate of Dinner Breakfast but wanted more than that while the husband was considering the hefty Burgers & Dogs. Oh my! With all the delicious offering getting the best amongst would be a challenge.

I don’t know what made us decide for the Blue Plates and despite the “Good to Share” caption we opted to get two plates. Take a peek,

Fish and Chips, P385. Old fashioned beer battered fish served with French Fries, Old Bay tartar sauce, spicy cocktail sauce, malt vinegar and homemade coleslaw

It’s really this big? I was in wonderment when this was served first.

The fish may taste a little bland but it sits perfect for my weak taste besides the three dips gave additional flavors on it.

I easily favored the tartar sauce and surprisingly the husband loves the malt vinegar (now, that’s something new 🙂  ).

Char-Grilled “Greek Style” Norwegian Salmon Steak. P450. Topped with Greek salad with anchovy-dill yogurt vinaigrette, served with rice pilaf and fresh lemon.

Yes, we’re eating healthy. I love how the salmon had distinctive grill marks. And the use of brown rice on the rice pilaf makes this plate a real healthy choice. Don’t leave the baby carrots and green beans untouched. 🙂

Between our two “fish plates” I love the Salmon Steak, two thumbs up!

By the way, I didn’t forget to order a salad; I consider it as a staple whenever it’s available.

The Green Salad “For Mr. Jones Healthy Friends” P375. Arugula and mixed greens with grapes, cherry tomatoes, orange slices, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, hard boiled egg slices, cucumber with herb- raspberry-walnut dressing on the side.

In my opinion it’s too way expensive probably because I make good salad at home. But because Mr. Jones isn’t a so-so resto I would accept the fact that everything has its price.

I know Milkshakes is one of their best but we skipped ordering one, anyway, iced water is free and bottomless so we go for it. 😀

Mr. Jones is one of the best we have tried so far aside from the Bistro restaurants that serves American platters too. Only that service is a bit slow, it took more than 30 minutes to serve the no-cook salad and another more 10-15 minutes to complete our fish orders. Now, I wonder how soon they can serve meat dishes.

Overall, with its diner ambiance, its welcoming crew and its healthy options a second return can be scheduled. Our big thanks again to Kay for letting us experience this feast at Mr. Jones. 🙂



Mr. Jones
Space 1-103 G/F Greenbelt 5
San Lorenzo, Makati City
T. (02) 501-3682 to 83

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