The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a liberating day

I’m marking my 13 years in the company next year and for the longest time I’ve never felt fed-up with issues coming in everyday instead it became the challenge to work harder and to do better. However, things change and there’s no need for me to enumerate here what are those. I hate awful red tape that’s it. So, to batter down my frustrations in the work area my leaves became overused. I feel the need to break away from the bureaucracy I’m not used to or the unwarranted policies they want to bring about. There’s this one thing that keep me going, I know my job very well and no one can question that.

Anyhow, I decided to go on a leave last Thursday to shoo away all the negative vibes I’m having around. It’s an all me-day I call. I started my day with my usual routine, 7am breakfast, 7:30am shower, 8:30am left the house but not for work this time. Instead I hailed a trike to bring me at the Boni MRT station. I can’t remember the last time I rode the train system along Edsa alone, it’s been ages I think. This time I need to brave the crowd since it’s the only means of transport I can trust given that my appointment will be at 10am sharp. I got off at GMA-Kamuning station shortly fifteen minutes after, my first time to alight there. Like what the husband had told me, I should ride a cab from that point to Timog Circle. He added that soon as I see Petron gas station I should descend, City Lifestyle Building would just be next to it. I think I followed all correctly without missing any single detail of his given directions. I made it even thirty minutes earlier at the place only that it was close still. I look around for a place to wait and while standing at that one corner of Timog Avenue there were flashes of memories around. Back in 1997, we had regular visits at a law firm in Timog. It’s like an office extension for us (my Piltea family) as the place became a favorite place too. It witnessed mostly our downs but with our inherent strengths way back then we didn’t mind at all. I can only wish I was still with the same people, the same firm –I miss the superiority even more. I don’t know but I can’t stop recalling how it’s like before despite the opportunities I’m having right now.

My appointment would hold me for the next 5 or 6 hours so I thought a heavy meal would keep me sane. I spotted Chowking just across and got myself a breakfast food –chicken longganisa complete with rice and egg, wonton soup and a glass of iced tea. Sorry for the lack of photos here I was famished so I wolfed down everything right away. I don’t mind that I was eating all alone; I finished my meal just in time for my 10am schedule.

I am sure that it was already 10am but the glass door still had its “Closed” signboard, it’s uncomfortable to wait outside so I boldly stepped inside and wait for someone to see me at the reception area. There was this old lady who came and asks over for my appointment, I confidently hand over my paper and tell her that I called in advance. She went on looking at the list, two times, thrice, until she finally sees my name. I silently whispered “Thank God!” everything look as if this going to be a good day for me. Now, let me disclose my activity quickly. I was at Mary Pauline Salon to have my hair re-bonded. It was long overdue but it took me so long to get a good deal and getting a schedule was another issue. Well, at least the long wait is over and I’m finally getting it done by a trusted salon.

Because I was the first customer of the day, I was attended right away by senior stylists named Gen or Jen and Christian. Like the usual procedure which I have gone twice since 2010, I was asked of my last treatment then the process of hair re-bonding started in no time. Yea, Gen started to apply hair chemicals skipping the shampoo routine. Probably they did assume I showered and washed my hair prior my trip to their salon. The hair chemical stayed at my hair for more than an hour so while waiting had a magazine to keep me occupied, they had wifi hotspot but the signal was weak so imagine the dullness I have to go over. This is the reason why I never liked going for treatments unless it is needed already. Later I finally had shampoo, blow-dry and hair iron which is the lengthiest part considering how bulky my hair is, another hour and a half for it including the application of neutralizer. An hour again and another round of shampoo and hair spa followed. The hair spa is the shortest among the procedure, it lasted for 30 minutes only, then the last leg of shampoo and blow-dry. Christian gave me a hair trim soon after. I don’t know but I wasn’t impressed with my hair, probably because I was expecting it more straight and shiny. After giving a 100 bucks tip for both stylists I thank them and left. I know my 100 bucks is cheap considering that Mary Pauline is dubbed as a celebrity salon but I cannot go more than that. In fact, during my treatment I was rubbing elbows with celebrities like Giselle Sanchez, Wilma Doesnt, Director Maryo delos Reyes and some teeny-weenie talents in the local biz today. I’ll give Mary Pauline a separate review like what I did before with Team Sir George (SM Fairview branch) and David’s Salon (Wilson branch) who re-bonded my hair previously.

I was thinking of crossing over after seeing a Let’s Face It! branch nearby however, I was afraid to get caught by traffic and the rush hour commotion so I decided to get a cab to bring me back at the MRT station. I was undecided on which station I would alight this time, at first I was thinking of Ortigas but I don’t want to go through the long walk from Ortigas station to Robinsons Galleria. I never considered the nearby Megamall considering how bad getting a cab would be later on. I was thinking of Boni Station but I would have limited choices at Robinsons Pioneer so I dropped the idea and decided that Ayala Station would be perfect. Besides there’s plenty of things to see at Ayala Center and the husband can pick me up after his work.

First things first I need a decent meal, my knees were shaking already. Passing at Café France the usual pasta dish did not delight me this time. I walked away and drool over for Sbarro’s half order of Baked Ziti with white sauce and a slice of white pizza only that when I got at Glorietta 5 the store was no longer there. Actually most stores had closed down at Glorietta 5 after the re-opening of the new Glorietta 1 and 2. I can almost hear my large intestines growling and my legs, it’s becoming hard suggesting me to sit down please. I made it at Glorietta 1 but looking for old stores I don’t have much energy left. I passed by another Café France branch, The Spaghetti Factory, Pancake House, there’s Don Henrico’s too and guess what I settled for the Yoshinoya. I wasn’t chewing over eating rice but the place looks great for a solo diner like me.

I frequented Yoshinoya in Robinsons Galleria especially when I’m all by myself, the service is quick all the time and the food is, easy to eat? hehehe, actually it’s a Japanese fast-food so you don’t expect too much substance at all. I had their bestseller Beef Bowl which is termed Gyudon. Yep, I used to call it Gyudon also because Tokyo Tokyo first had it and I was a big fan of TT Greenbelt long ago.

So this was my very late lunch, a regular order of Beef Bowl and Apple Tea. I never mind I was alone again and eating, I was hungry and I didn’t notice how sudden I spoon out my rice meal in a flash. Thank God for letting me decide on rice over my craving for pasta and pizza. 🙂

I stayed for a while at Yoshinoya to cool down a little while trying to call back what I still need to do for the day. I was having my time only that I felt heavy and if I won’t move out I might snooze in seconds. I decided to get a pedicure and a new polish. On my way to Park Square I, I used the connecting bridge from the SM’s 3rd floor but before that I dropped by at its 2nd level to buy a pair of slippers which I will be needing after the nail session. With my hurting toenails already I bet my nail attendant would surely extend hours removing my ingrown and that would give me some time to take a small nap.

Even from afar I know the store was closed, I came closer and read something like “starting Nov 5 to we’re closed, you can visit us at Glorietta 3 and Greenbelt 1”, oh God! it means I have to walk back from Park Square to Glorietta again. Since I have no choice I hurriedly made my way out and started my hunt for the new Glorietta 3 branch. Despite my rare visits at Ayala Center the place remains very familiar to me, even the shops location but after 2 turns I couldn’t find Let’s Face It! new location. I can’t go home feeling helpless like that, I asked the roving guard, a thing which I don’t normally do because of past encounters. The least I want is to feel irritated just because the guard cannot give me directions at all or worst case is they don’t even know the store I am looking for. Okay, I know there is an e-map but it’s either I am too lazy to walk back at the entrances (where it is normally located) or the e-map is out of service. I’m pleased the guard didn’t gave me a headache at all in fact he’s too detailed that I was able to locate Let’s Face It! at once. Probably because the nail salon is quite tucked at the innermost part of the new Glorietta 3 it’s unnoticed and new customers most likely would not look through for it, the reason why the salon wasn’t busy when I arrived. Though the new place is very fresh, it’s crammed especially the room where mani and pedi is being handled. Nonetheless I find the visit at the nail salon rewarding and I think I need to do it regularly again because my toenails are becoming unruly for the record. I left Let’s Face It! after an hour and half, it was still early but because it rained it looked late than the normal days. I killed the next few hours window shopping at Forever 21, I didn’t find anything wearable this time but I cannot deny the fact that this piece looks good on me.

Rhinestone Chain Link P700+, ‘ney it’s too pretty to pass on. I’ll definitely come back for it. 😛

The other store I stopped was Cooks Exchange at Glorietta, I love their items the same way I love Gourdos. I’ll definitely bookmark the place this Christmas season. And I was also happy to bump into a familiar face before leaving the store. I thought when she says “Hi Mam” she was just being friendly to customers so I returned her greetings but she didn’t stop from there, she make a follow up “Kumusta na po?” I stared at her smiling but at the back of my mind I was trying to recall her and our connection. Maybe she read what I have in mind that’s why she continued and says, “Naalala nyo pa po si Ronald?” Oh I remember she’s the youngest sister of a high school friend. For a while we chatted, it brings a wonderful feel when you bumped into someone who knew you from your hometown. I bid goodbye to her even without asking or getting her name, hehehe, I know it won’t be the last time.

At almost 8pm, the husband texted me that his on his way now to Ayala Center, I told him to meet me at Rustan’s Supermarket. I’m not going to buy a lot just the basics that are needed because we ran out of supply.

I don’t know about you but we can’t live both without paper towels, it’s a necessity for us to have a stock of it or else the house will be a big disorder. I know it’s not practical but we find it very useful especially on travels.

And if I have millions I will buy everything on this stand. I’m too cheesy you know.

Husband and I didn’t spent more than an hour at the supermarket; we left and decided to have dinner somewhere. One of the dinner places we love visiting our way home is Army Navy, the one at Jupiter St., probably because the place is big and seats are always available. The food is fantastic; it never disappoints us at all.

I wanted something light but ended with all of this 😀

Onion Rings, Freedom Fries and my favorite Cheese Quesadilla.

Husband and I shared an order of Fearless Fried Chicken too.

And washed everything with LiberTea.

I had a very long day to account, something that I don’t normally do on a regular basis and I feel fulfilled that there are things I can do all alone despite the husband’s presence in most of the things I do. I want to do it again and explore as it gives me a sense of responsibility even more. The more I am motivated to get a license very soon. 🙂

Thank you Lord for the wonderful day!



6 responses to “a liberating day

  1. docgelo November 11, 2012 at 10:15 am

    glad to read happy blog posts like this! i’m even happier to know you enjoyed your own me-time pampering yourself. i believe that we all need to have that personal time with ourselves; we should be happy first before we could share our happiness to our love ones and to others. and fret not, we’re all on the same page of having hassles at the office, one time or the other. but we have to choose to either dwell in them or to find comfort in things and people that could make us happier.

    ms. elna, malaysia is now at 70-80% off; gabby and i were at the mall the whole day yesterday after our chinahouse free brunch. we went to forever 21, aldo, esprit, mango in search for tina’s advance birthday gift and we went home empty handed not because the stuffs aren’t pretty but felt my wife would disagree. to each his own, you know. and to end (this blog-long-comment), your yoshinoya meal made me recall my days in tokyo back in 2010 -it’s one of those food joints that made me survive that most expensive city in the world.

    enjoy the new week!

    • january November 12, 2012 at 2:32 pm

      docgelo, i would always choose to find comfort in things/people that would make me happier it’s just that at times there are things you need to do alone. in the end it’s what makes you realize how strong you are to battle pressure and disappointments.

      i envy your on holiday again tomorrow for the Deepavali festival…

      p.s. if i may suggest get ms. tina an open cardigan at forever 21 like this one =>>


      • docgelo November 12, 2012 at 11:12 pm

        thanks, ms. elna! tina loves cardigan she wears them almost everyday at work. we’ll try to check if it’s available here. anyway, i agree with you that we need to have our me-time not only to reflect but simply to enjoy ourselves. and by that, i’m excited i’ll be having mine before this week and this year ends! i’ll be going to KL solo this Thursday-Saturday and on my very first backpacking trip outside Malaysia (sa tabi-tabi lang po) after Christmas (with my wife and son’s approval of course! cleared na ang mga signatories, hehehe!).

      • january November 15, 2012 at 4:07 pm

        by now you’re now on your way to KL (maybe), have fun docgelo! 🙂

  2. madjewel November 11, 2012 at 10:51 am

    truelaloo sometimes we just need a space and time on our own to breathe
    congrats to your hair 😉

    • january November 12, 2012 at 2:40 pm

      yep, i so agree everyone need a breather but i’m a little worried because mine is done regularly. nonetheless, i believe just do what makes you happy.

      hmmmnnn…if the new hair would not last for long, i’m planning to get a perm the next time. love your short hair! 🙂

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