The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

photo contest

My girls and I were never active joining activities back at the office especially the Friday De-Stress which has been going on for quite some time until it was stopped for months. When the activity came back last week and was back again last week keeping pace in time for the Halloween we thought of just joining this time. The flash for last week’s was Fill-The-Frame Photo Contest with its theme Wacky Sci Fi/Fantasy/Comics which we thought again would be easier said than done. A day before the event, I emailed the girls to ask for ideas and though I didn’t get a definite response I was surprised that they came prepared the following day with props and concept that I can only imagine.

While attending to their respective load they manage to squeeze the making of our very own frame, I was a little unconvinced that they would finish it on time but with some more push and hark back they did it in good time. About the concept, they only made it known to me few minutes before the pictorial. Well, I can’t say more you did an excellent job girls for making us won the no. 1 slot! 🙂

We bagged the 1st Place in the Departmental Category, now that makes everyone inspired about joining future contest. I only have good words for you and I salute the group effort here. 🙂

And it was a double winning for us, K, the newest girl in my group won the Individual Category. You truly deserve it K and I’m proud of you!

Now, who’s excited for the Christmas Party?



P.S. My presence was absent in most of our group photo because I grabbed the cam from the official photographer so I can personally oversee how they would look in prints. 😀



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