The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

dim sum unlimited

Lately my work is getting on me; I mean it wasn’t like before if I have to compare it. I easily got stressed and issues kept coming in, I’ve been thinking of it lately. I love every detail of my job but enjoying it this time seems a different story. Oh well, I cannot be a disappointment so I need a diversion once in a while.

A day before the last day of work last week I went out with my chummy officemates to unwind. Actually the timing of our date was perfect because I was bad tempered that day and it helped that I have some people to share my woes. Luckily we chanced Xian Tian Di’s Unlimited Dim sum Dinner Buffet on promo, so we didn’t think twice, it should be a go.

There were few diners when we arrived at the resto few minutes before 7pm, the server guided us to a round table that can sit four however, I felt it’s too big for us and very formal so I requested to transfer us to the side which sits us comfortably. 🙂

Soon as we were seated, the checklist was handed to us. Xin Tian Di’s Dim sum Buffet isn’t the usual buffet you have in mind that you need to walk in the buffet table to get your food. Here you just need to check the name of the dim sum you want and indicate how many pieces you like. I think it’s appropriate to label it as sit-down buffet, if there’s any of its kind.

My colleagues trusted me the ordering part, which is mostly the case when we are dining out. For our first round, I picked 8 kinds. And while waiting free peanuts was served. I don’t know how it’s cooked but it was so delicious that I finished two-thirds of it. 🙂

Not long our first round of order arrived.

No. 45 Yang Chow Fried Rice and No. 40 Egg Noodles with Mixed Seafood Soup

No. 2 Steamed Crystal Prawns “Ha Kao” –best recommended!

Clockwise: No. 7 Steamed “Xiao Long Pao” Shanghai Style, No. 19 Stone Fish Dumpling, No. 12 Steamed Fresh Squid with Garlic and No. 9 Steamed Pork Ribs in XO Sauce

We also had No. 1 Steamed Seafood Dumpling in Superior Stock (no photo) and No. 21 Crispy Spring Rolls (no photo)

See how my two “business associate” devour our first batch of dim sums, noodles and rice. 😀

Our second round was a little shy of the first and some of it was strongly recommended by our ever attentive, “feeling close” wait staff, Marlon. No kiddin’, he gave us a superb service.

Clockwise: No. 18 Bird’s Eye Dumpling, Marlon was telling us that Jessica Soho recommended it a must-try, No. 23 Crispy Wonton Teochow Style and No. 24 Crispy Meat Balls Dumpling (in one saucer), No. 5 Steamed Beancurd Skin Roll with Vegetables and No. 30 Steamed Michael Roll with Radish

We also got another set of Ha Kao, Steamed Fresh Squid and Stone Fish Dumpling which we finished in no time. Burp!

Actually my party was a little bit conventional the reason why we skipped ordering the unusual. And there are stuffs I missed –Chicken Feet, Chili Dumpling, and Chinese Pancake.

For dessert we ordered everything except for No. 50

Clockwise: No. 51 Sweet Egg Custard, No. 52 Sesame Butchi, No. 55 Chocolate Mantao and No. 53 Malay Cake

No. 54 Coffee Puding

Amongst, Coffee Puding stands out.

Xin Tian Di’s Dim sum Buffet gets the approval of my colleagues and its promo price of P650 net is definitely substantial. By the way, drinks are not included and it’s priced dearly so if you’re like us who are a little cautious you can skip ordering it and happily request for water.

Let me say it again, good food is always best enjoyed with good friends! 🙂



Xin Tian Di
4/F Crown Plaza Galleria Manila
Ortigas Ave., cor. Asian Development Bank Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
T. 633-7222

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