The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Fri-date at Bag of Beans

I’m pretty enjoying the long break there’s no doubt to it in spite of a certain resentment to people who play good to be true, those who wanted attention and probably applaud from the reading public, hello facebook! For the last time, I don’t understand why a good deed has to be announced, why it has to be made known to people related to your feat, rewards? Well, you don’t solicit rewards for one, it should be lovingly given besides why anticipate it when in fact you’re doing something generously. I know I cannot correct people as to how they see things, I’m no way perfect but I don’t talk about ME, MYSELF and I, I don’t talk about whatever accomplishment I have to make me look good to others, you know I never liked the glare of publicity anyway. Okay, don’t confuse my thoughts here, I just need to say it and probably deliver the message to those affected and for their overstated statements . Ikaw ba un? Hehehe…

When I say I’m enjoying the long break that doesn’t mean I’m away to a grand break, that couldn’t be the thing for an average worker like me. My idea of spending it could just be as simple as staying at home, lounging and sleeping. Only that at times I need a breathing space away from the unpleasant happenings, at home or even at work. So, after a tiring day last Nov 1 as we visited the resting place of our departed family members, husband and I had a quick flight to Tagaytay yesterday. It was an impromptu date exclusively for the two of us this time and I love it. 🙂  Yes, we’ve been regularly visiting Tagaytay when we’re home in my parent’s house yet every time we’re back we feel recharge as it remained to be the perfect chill out place in the neighborhood –cold weather to cool down hot heads and short-tempered creature like me. 🙂  I especially love how the cold wind would slap my face; it brings back a lot of memories.

We drove past 4pm at Bag of Beans, one of my favorite to-go places in Tagaytay. BOB’s rustic and greenly theme has always been a charm as it creates a wonderful feel of being home. It’s no surprise that the place draws a lot of day trippers, those that have plenty of time would consider dining, and some would get something at the bakeshop for take-out and some, well just onlookers that would snap a photo at the façade. I can’t blame them, the place is scenic and every corner has its edge of good taste.

Since we planned to stay until early evening we didn’t consider dining at the outdoor part of BOB, from past dining experience the area being tucked in garden attracts too many mosquitos. I bet you don’t want the mosquito bites after a filling meal. We picked to dine at the veranda that is connecting to the bakeshop. It was a perfect spot as it gives us a down sight view of the garden area. And if you want it hush-hush with little noise choose the rear tables like we did. 🙂

We went there for coffee so despite of the tempting all-day breakfast offering we didn’t get anything heavy. But I was skipping coffee even at work because it gives me a kick of acid after each cup instead I got myself a cup of Hot Chocolate which I’ve been missing from our last visit. It wasn’t too hot when it was served but it remained delicious as is.

The husband got his favorite Freshly Brewed Barako, bottomless for him.

Aside from missing their rich Hot Chocolate, Shepherd’s Pie is another hit. I got us a single serve of it.

We’ve been fans of their cinnamon bites but sadly it wasn’t available so the husband had to check the bakeshop to pair with his coffee. He wanted cookies but came back with a Raisin Bread. I wasn’t expecting too much on the Raisin Bread but it becomes addicting that I finished three slices of it. Soft, freshly baked and packed with raisins and raisins.

I promised to get this again.

Because we find BOB comforting –both food and the setting, we didn’t keep track of the time. So after the husband finished his third refill we prepared to leave only that when we passed by the garden area there was an entertainment going on. Yep, these kids amused guests with their music, singing and dancing.

On our way out we passed by the extended dining hall which by the way serve as the buffet area. Yes, BOB is now serving breakfast and brunch buffet which I am planning to visit soon. 🙂

Bag of Beans never failed to mesmerize me all over again.

Have you visited the place recently? I guess the timing is perfect now; the smell of Christmas is already in the air!



Bag of Beans
115 Aguinaldo Highway Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City


6 responses to “Fri-date at Bag of Beans

  1. madjewel November 11, 2012 at 10:40 am

    haven’t been to tagaytay with bf T_T i will surely schedule a tagaytay trip this december and visit this place.

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