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I never stopped craving, in fact even at the middle of the night I would at times crave for something salty or something very sweet. Don’t get me wrong I’m not in the family way and I guess it’s pretty normal for everyone to pine for something out of the blue. Anyhow, we planned to do a museum visit two weeks ago but it didn’t push through, it’s either we keep on getting late for the morning schedule (because we left the house very late), we need to  make way for other activities like supermarket visits and the recent, which was yesterday, I need to pay the nail salon a visit. With all the bustles hampering our supposed museum visit I’m not giving up only that it would definitely not going happen this weekend and the next weekend thereon. Sound ironic how craving ends up with museums. 🙂

But you see the craving didn’t die just like that this weekend. I was craving for some Chinese fare and I was thinking that if we could have the museum visit earlier we could drive to Ongpin later on. Say it again, we didn’t go to the museum but we ended up in Ongpin for dinner. And unto a favorite eatery we feasted on noodles, rice toppings and dimsums. I was pleased and satiated that I would want a comeback soon.

So I guess I’m starting the week delightful as it should this time. Where you at over the weekend?


Wai Ying Fast Food
810 Benavidez Street, Binondo, Manila

Trip or Treats 2k Twitter Goodie Giveaway

I smell Christmas getting nearby every day; it’s obvious with all the giveaways these bloggers are throwing generously. I can’t wait for Christmas and win another staycation at Hotel Elizabeth.

“@Trip or Treats is giving away Executive Suite accommodations to @Hotel Elizabeth ! Share this to help me win!

I want to win the second time and be back in Cebu for Christmas! 😛


hearty Saturday lunch

Thank God it’s Saturday once again and like the other Saturdays I would love to spend this day at home, I call it my me-time day. It’s the only day of the week I can go online the entire day, but I’m not doing it of course as I have some household tasks to do. Except for the laundry I am in-charge of cleaning and cooking. Before it slips my mind I need to call Nanay to send me her helpers for the annual general cleaning which I need to schedule very soon. And I may need to set aside old pieces of clothes and take it out from our cabinets. We have no plans yet of doing again a garage sale, it’s still October and we still have time to think it over before the very Christmas month of December. Actually I really need to clean up my storage boxes as most of it are just trash. Now, I wonder what to do with those unused gifts I received from previous years. It’s not right to recycle those but I don’t want to keep it for long. Probably if we have a bigger house I can stack everything. Too much to dream on right now but I’ll have things fixed the way they should be. 🙂

Yea, its Saturday so there’s no reason for me to skip cooking; Saturdays are meant for a decent meal. I asked the husband last night to tell me upfront what comes out his mind with this question, what dish do you miss the most? It took him so long to response because he’s considering the fact that it can’t be any pork dish, which I know he loves. I bugged him for an answer and he says Adobong Tadyang, he terribly miss. He’s quick to supply a disclaimer; I’m still not allowed to eat pork meat so he would just buy me chicken thighs which I can cook together with his pork. So we have a deal!

He went early to market to get fresh pork ribs and chicken thighs and despite my longing to stay longer in bed today I woke up ahead of time. I want to get things done as early as possible so I’ll have the whole afternoon lazing around the house.

Just on time for lunch!

My Adobong Tadyang with Chicken Thighs, flavorful and succulent. I added sweet potatoes and some hard-boiled eggs to make it even more inviting.

It’s a sunny Saturday folks, have fun! 🙂


happy wednesday thoughts

These days’ winning on online promotions isn’t as easy as before, well, that’s my take. That’s the reason why I slowed down joining promos every other promo. The chances now are very slim considering the countless entries; imagine 10,000 entries on Rafflecopter, you must be very lucky to be picked! But I guess once a promo addict; you would always find ways to squeeze it to your timeline. 🙂

Happy to win once again,

Thanks to Sumi of The Purple Doll blog for this treat! 🙂


grab one now!

While our Sun-date was spent at the supermarket yet again, we chanced the Marks & Spencer Digestives less 30% this time. Oh no, I didn’t hoard. I’m waiting for it to go down as low as 50% off; if that happens will have a stockpile in the fridge. Yes, I love my biscuits cold and its chocolate coating frosted. 🙂

Serving Size: 1 – oh well, not for me! 😀


a good laugh

This made my Saturday night stress-free. Thank you ‘ney for treating me out again. 😛

P.S.  And thanks to Mad Jewel for suggesting the movies only that I don’t see myself doing this thing on a regular basis 🙂