The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

accidental reflections

I went home late Monday, well maybe a little later than my usual arrival at home because I was hold by a very good chat with one of my office colleague who happened to be a good friend “formerly”. The stress on the last word was meant and there’s a different story about it a decade ago. Now that we are no longer good friends, in some way I regret things had happen and the friendship had to let go. Today we may no longer be friends either but somehow, someway we remain civil and once in a while we engaged in small talks until yesterday.

It was me who initiated the conversation as I was having problem with an account. For the very first time I know I have to do it because she’s the person who could probably address my concern. I was right all along; she willingly helped me with all the details and proceedings I have to go through. I was relieved and I couldn’t thank her enough. Other than helping me resolve my problem our discussion went beyond. I realized that we are facing the same dilemma –the same problems and challenges that involves the more personal side. I was surprised as she freely shares me those things, I didn’t expect her trusting right away. Though she knows a bit of my problems the same way I’ve known hers, I didn’t know she’s running into a bigger one this time, bigger than mine of course. And all the while, she never let anyone figured out how big is her responsibility right now. She was a fighter like me, a pleaser by all means, probably that’s the rationale why we felt we are in the same boat. We ended our well-rounded chat roughly an hour or so and there’s one thing I can’t deny, I miss the friendship. And if I could turn back the time and have to choose betweens I will pick those real people around. Those who don’t look as sensitive as the others around but within their hearts they are compassionate and someone to be trusted. Life can be like that deceiving but when it is, it’s better!

Happy Friday folks and enjoy the long break! 🙂


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