The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

downtown Binondo

Mention Ongpin and I would probably say food haven. Authentic Chinese cooking and delicacy abounds on this side of the city. Sunday, despite missing the museum visit I persisted that we should go downtown to have dinner. Husband and I missed dining at Estero for the longest time, so we had it in mind. But when we arrived at Ongpin, traffic was bad and parking was a big headache. After a few turns, we found a pay parking space nearby Benavidez St. Since it’s just a few steps away from Wai Ying I asked the husband if we could have light chows, probably dimsums only. But soon as we were seated we can’t help ordering rice and noodles. Hehehe 🙂  We stuffed ourselves so much that we need to set Estero another time.

From Benavidez St., we walked en route to Binondo Church also known as Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz. Since its Sunday, mass was being held and like the usual we dropped by to say a short prayer. Nearby there’s a procession and some street dancing which we didn’t bother to check out because of the heavy build up of people and vehicles. I was guessing maybe it was to give honor to San Pedro Calungsod, our second Filipino Saint who was canonized on that same day (Oct 21). It was an honor for our nation to have known Catholic martyrs like San Pedro Calungsod and San Lorenzo Ruiz and I cannot say more except that I am proud of my race!

We didn’t plan to go to Divi but the husband was more willing to walk, he was telling me that we need to do it to burn the extra carbo we had had. Actually it’s a routine for us to check Divi market whenever we make visits at Binondo. And the timing was perfect because it was almost closing time, the best time to haggle for fresh fruits and vegetables. The price drop normally happens from 6-7pm so imagine my happiness when my P200 got us 10 pieces oranges, 5 Fuji apples and 3 medium sized broccolis. 🙂

Given that we were already at the heart of Divi, I requested husband if we can check out 168 Mall. Not that I’m intending to shop it’s more of I just wanted to look around and probably get something that is reasonable priced. Despite my reluctance of the brand now (hey, I used to be a fan of this clothing line) I have to check it for peace of mind. And I’ve gone up to their 3 stalls in 168 until finally found one. My size at P300 only, happy!

On our way back to the parking space at Benavidez St., getting something from Eng Bee Tin is a must. I used to be a big fan of their Ube Hopia until it gets too sweet for my taste. I now love their Hopia Kundol (the Hopia Baboy before) better. We also got Special Peanut Tikoy Roll, Special Ampao Sesame and Raisin Bread.

I got thirsty and I needed to buy bottled water, at Shoppers Mart the Korean ice cream bar was like yelling at me. So I totally forgot the bottled water and got two of Melona flavored ice bar. Had the Honey Dew and Mango flavors, between the two ice cream bars husband and I like the Honey Dew as it tasted the real fruit. At P25 only I would be partial to Melona over the premium chocolate ice creams bars.

Arriving home that day we felt tired but fortunate to have witnessed another beautiful day. Now, I’m looking forward to spend the forthcoming long weekend with B. 😛


2 responses to “downtown Binondo

  1. madjewel October 27, 2012 at 12:46 am

    wintermelon craze…even in hopia? new reason to visit a nearby engbeetin shop 🙂

    • january October 27, 2012 at 10:19 pm

      parang tea lang noh but even before hopia baboy is actually wintermelon and not real pork fat contrary to what we believe, it’s wintermelon cubes cooked in pork lard. 🙂

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