The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

back to cooking again

Well cooking is fourth loved only and I claim my rich background in cooking from the maternal side, the family side who loves gathering and occasions. But in my earlier years, I wasn’t really a cook; I’m nowhere near the kitchen especially if there’s a family event. I hate the job, I hate the knife and I hate the spitting oil from the pan. For a while, they thought I really can’t cook decently but I prove them wrong. I may not have a formal background in culinary but my know-how in the kitchen catch the ex-boyfriend palate. I sense his coming to my old apartment frequently had something to do with the dishes I prepared formerly. 🙂  And I prove it right that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Now, that we’re together for 7 years he’s the same picky eater who loves none other than my home cooking. Not too salty, not too saucy, no to chicken tinola and chicken adobo –that’s him, which I make certain every time I’m ready to cook.

For the past years we’ve been pork eaters generally, until we slow down and eventually stop buying pork meat mid of this year. It was a challenge for both of us (though the most is on my part) and I have to be grateful of the husband’s support on my drive to eat healthy. I see him to be the one between us always reminding about “bawal”. I appreciate his effort of buying vegetables after work to ensure I’ll have stocks every day. And he don’t mind eating boiled and steamed with me so once in a while he would okay my little requests, some real meat or some processed and canned food on my dishes please. I told here how preparing vegetable dishes can get grueling at times and that I need to reinvent the vegetable dishes every now and then so it won’t become boring and bland for my taste. It was a real ordeal I tell you and I’m happy to say I surpassed the challenging times. These days cooking my healthy food need not to be a hassle anymore and the best thing is I even learned to recycle leftovers.

The food post here may not be the healthiest but I hope you’ll pick up something to try on. The weekend meals,

Saturday brunch was leftover from the other night, yang chow fried rice with hotdogs and bits of ham.

I paired it with misua soup. Solve!

Saturday dinner was sautéed squash, string beans, lady fingers and wing beans. Almost similar to Pinakbet except that it has no fish sauce.

By the way, I added some ground pork for extra flavors.

Sunday brunch was salted dried fish and scrambled eggs.

In between meals, I had suman sa ibos from the nearby market instead of chips. Though on a second note the authentic suman sa ibos from Antipolo would be much welcome!

And coming from the supermarket yesterday I brought items for my homemade cheesy pimiento.

I guess it’s not bad to treat myself once in a while, cheese love! Parang si Heart E. lang noh? hehehe

Eating shouldn’t be a problem in my case only that I need to be watchful, still thankful that at least it isn’t the food supply we’re talking of.

Happy Monday folks! 😛



One response to “back to cooking again

  1. ball February 12, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    Thank you for share.I like to eat Wing beans.

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