The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

more than man’s bestfriend

I have this thought that probably during my past life I was a dog. Just come to think of it, the sight of an old stray dog or a small puppy clinging for dear life is enough to melt me down. And dog stories make me teary easily. In fact, I had that Chicken Soup edition for the Pet Lover’s Soul and there’s this one favorite story I can’t get over with. Every time I see homeless dogs I could only wish I have enough to adopt them. And I have faith that someday, I would own a dog farm to keep them all.

B was just one of the many canines we took home, though I can say B was the luckiest of all. She’s a spoiled you know. But in the household there live another canine which we assumed responsibility four years ago. Shen is our senior dog who loves nothing but to curl up and snooze away the day. 🙂  B and Shen are the exact opposite, but despite their differences they click easily even during the first meeting. B loves Shen and we think that Shen is the only dog B could ever love and accept as part of the family. No other I tell you.

We love Shen no matter how smelly she can be at times; we love Shen regardless of her imperfections. She may look sad and slow but inside her is a happy soul and all that she wants is for you to call her name. Really, I never met a dog as contended and undemanding as her. Shen with her old age may need a few extra things, health care and more time with the humans. So we make it a point that she gets to ramble and wrestle with the younger B.

By the way, this much younger lab is Lucky. I haven’t written anything about him yet, soon! 😀


2 responses to “more than man’s bestfriend

  1. madjewel October 9, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    same here, stray/abandoned dogs makes me sad, esp those who search for their food in the trash ;( we should have strict law for our furry friends!

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