The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Rustan’s Supermarket my choice

Our visit at the supermarket on Sundays all but becomes our Sun-date, it’s because we love doing the routine together. We love the supermarket ambiance –husband loves to push and fill big carts, along with, it makes me happy to find good deals. Anyway, who wouldn’t feel complete if your car’s boot is loaded with supermarket bags?

Amongst our local supermarket, we love to frequent The Landmark because they have hard to find products plus they’re supplies are less expensive compared to the supermalls very own supermarket. But our first love would be Rustan’s Supermarket above, gone are the days when Rustan’s means pricey for us. These days when we don’t need to buy too much and we just need to stock up for the week we would normally make that trip to Rustan’s Supermarket in Rockwell, which is by the way in close proximity to where we live. We love it that supermarket don’t get too crowded on weekends, I assume it’s because the neighboring Bel-Air residents does schedule their supermarket-day on weekdays. 🙂

If you’re like us who simply love the supermarket, Rustan’s Supermarket Fresh Selection would be the thing for you. They have a wide array of farm fresh products including the juiciest fruits, freshly-picked produce, freshly caught fish and seafoods and the choicest cuts of meat and poultry, and sourced both locally and from abroad.

And who can’t resist such offers –Oranges P15/pc Buy Two Take One. It’s Divi price already! 🙂  We also found atypical variety of extra large Mandarin oranges, Satsuma the seedless variety is sweet, juicy and easy to peel. And its colorful orange fruit is a surprise against its dark green skin. We got 3pcs for P64.94 only.

Rustan’s Fresh Savings is ideal for us who remains budget conscious despite our big allowance for food. And Buy One Take One promos are such a hit. The Oatie Bran Bread was such a steal for P66 only, two whole loaves for the price of one. 🙂

We were also delighted to find discounted Marks & Spencer Digestives on the shelves, less 20% on Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. We love to have biscuits at home but these digestives are few luxury goods that we cannot afford to buy regularly, so we got two packs only. I hope the sale extend until next week so we can treat ourselves again.

Another discovery were the packs of paper towels which we’re both obsessed with, P85 per pack of 3’s (120 pulls) isn’t no way going to ruin our budget anyway. And I cannot agree more that everything in Rustan’s Supermarket supports the reputation their carefully built on –quality and affordability.

Now, I’m praying my money tree to bear more papers bills, hehehe. 😀


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