The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

big-time friendship over shared breakfast

My dear friend’s homecoming turned out to be the good excuse for me to go out today (despite the flu I’m nursing for days now 😦  ) and likewise it became the occasion to give The Strand Café a second comeback after last week’s.

Unlike last Sunday I was up and prepared early this morning, Leoncio and I hit the 7am meet up which I arranged last Friday. But our date came even an hour earlier than us, just look what her new environs had taught her now, when you say 7 she would ensure to get by or beat the time no matter how far she came from. Time is gold and for us whose not getting any younger we should be observant of it. GP, I hope you’re reading this so you would change old habits and start your day early like us. Remember that the early bird catches the worms! 🙂

Well, I thought that the breakfast get-together was a lot better because we could save the later part of the day with our personal errands plus it gives us more time to catch up. I myself picked The Strand Café for reasons, I find the place perfect for morning people (which I’m not), breakfast lover (which I am!) and I solely love the setting –cozy that perfectly goes with a cup of coffee. Besides the smorgasbord of delicious breakfast fare was so inviting (adding its super affordable promo price of P288!).

Because we were early this time I was able to scan the buffet spread, still not very detailed but this would do for those who would like to check out the café soon.

The cold cuts and cheese station, I’m not very sure if its Canadian ham (leftmost in photo) or not but it tasted pretty good that I kept returning for it.

Canapes, these were new additions. 🙂

The bread station had plenty of muffins, rolls, and pandesal and loaf breads this time. Check!

Soup corner, they had do-it-yourself beef mami. I only wish the noodles were not soggy. 😦

French toast and pancakes, again? 😐

Scrambled egg and spaghetti carbonara, again 😐  I wish they turned this pasta dish into a tomato-based one plus my Leoncio would like to give you tips guys on how to cook the pasta al dente style.

Sighted sweet and sour squid balls again (not a happy sighting 😦  ) and chicken adobo. Though I love this version of chicken adobo it was a disappointment for Leoncio because he’s no way eating chicken unless it’s fried and roasted. Guess it would have been better if the chicken adobo flakes was retained as it could also be a house specialty of the café (in my opinion).

Desserts were cream puffs and chocolate cups, there were still fresh fruits but for the second time it had no appeal on me.

Cereals and juices and the salad station remains as is.

Probably because I was busy chatting with the friend, my attention was diverted and that I ended finishing three plates only. 😀

One –rolls, butter, marmalade, cheese and ham

Two –pancakes and ham

Three –fried rice and chicken adobo

I remember getting a separate plate of scrambled eggs which I ate together with my first plate. No salad and desserts for me and a cup of coffee completed my big breakfast.

I burped at the end even without trying everything offered today and even if The Strand Café menu didn’t really made any difference it does feel good because we were able to spend breakfast with the friend who denied still loving the night life, hehehe. The Strand Café still created that impression on me that it’s the new hang-out in the Salcedo block, proves the many diners we witnessed today. The promo will end next Sunday (September 30) so you have 7 more days to indulge starting tomorrow morning. 😀

Oh and by the way, I have to thank the friend for sponsoring our breakfast today.

Dear Mrs. Dempsey.

You know how I look forward every year to your homecoming because it means pretty good things –old friendship, get-together and of course, good food. You know that aside from those good things, I miss you, I miss your boldness, I miss your wild stories, I can’t help but recall all the years we spent together, the survival we had, the younger years –StreetLife nights, we party hard for all I know. You were there at the highlight of my life so you had seen my ups and downs and I was always the other person ready to listen when you’re hurting. You know I had a big crush with (you know who) in the past but you never tease me around, that saves me from a lot of blushing hehehe. I remember the times when I need to play chaperone to your dates and make those guys believe we reside in Prince Plaza. I had vivid recollection of the men you dated but none of them made you the happiest until you found Mr. Dempsey, and when he found the gorgeousness in you he sent you tickets to visit him in Ireland. How can I forget the time you phoned me and excitedly blurted it out, you’re getting married! I was so happy for you that finally I’ll see you walk the aisle with your equally handsome groom. Your wedding was a blast and I witnessed every bit of it, the six months prep was a success. Now that we may be living different world apart and rarely spent days together, I’d like to assert you that I remain to be the friend you had 16 years ago. 😛

Love, Ma-ma



The Strand Café, One Pacific Place Serviced Residences


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