The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

down with flu

I’ve got flu since Tuesday of this week and it’s making me worn out easily after working half day only. Today it got worst and my eyes wanted to shut down, and I wanted is to go home, hit the bed and sleep. I think I need a day off to recuperate but work stops me from getting that much-needed break. Okay, just in case I won’t be online for the next couple of days it means the flu had me down. But that would mean missing a get-together this weekend and I can’t afford to let it pass. Oh God, I have to get well or else I would get stuck at home wasting my precious time.

Okay, aside from the sickness, this day seems not a lucky one for me 😦  . I thought I could have my hair fixed this October only to find out that slots are all full, now I have to wait until the first week of November. Anyway, that would do at least the hair would look fab by December.

I’m not so excited about attending this year’s Mooncake Festival again but I still have until tomorrow to think about it, come Sunday, I hope everyone can make it for breakfast 🙂 .

I miss my Piltea family and someone is back in town!


2 responses to “down with flu

  1. docgelo September 23, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    i hope you’re feeling better now, ms. elna!
    ‘uso’ ata talaga respiratory diseases ngayon; i’ve been nursing a runny nose and sore throat for few days now; gabby has occasional cough (hopefully controlled now with meds), so does tina. thank goodness, we don’t have fever yet & seem like heading to recovery.

    oh yes, it’s mooncake festival or what the chinese-malaysians call here, mid-autumn festival. i wish i could bring my feet to georetown again by the end of this month to cover their lantern parade. come to think of it, we have not savored yet a mooncake.

    have a great new week!

    • january September 24, 2012 at 10:49 am

      hi, docgelo. feeling a little better today, but the flu remains as is. sigh! 😦
      we had our annual mooncake festival last weekend but i absent myself again 😦
      anyhow, wishing you and your family a brand-new start this week 🙂

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