The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

i ask of you Lord…

Lord, as the rain continues its heavy downpour the more people suffer, the more family becomes homeless and hungry. And during this time I consider myself fortunate because we’re not affected by all of these. We have food to eat and we have shelter to stay day and night. Lord, with all these I am so thankful but I asked of you to teach me how to appreciate what I have right now, teach me not to feel envious on other’s riches. Open my eyes to see that what surrounds me is beautiful and lasting. Teach me to use my talents to improve our life without throbbing anyone. Teach me to love what I do every day.

Lord, I don’t ask for material possessions in an instant, I believe I can work for it. I don’t ask for so much, an adequate amount would do. Except that I would like to ask your blessing and grace, please continue to bless my family with a big heart, a good health and a sound mind. And as we sleep peacefully each night, allow us to welcome each new sunrise with big hopes of a better day. Free our worries and make us courageous to face any storm.

Lord, these are all I pray. Amen.


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