The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a blogger’s wish

I know I told you guys I won’t be making any of my lavish wish list this year because Leoncio and I needs to save up for our upcoming project in 2013 however, I can’t help not to disclose what’s been flashing on my head for the last two months.

NEX Camera, Professional quality in your pocket

Yes, I need a new and smaller camera. Not that I will give up my rebel baby hence I just need a stand-in camera which I can bring along every day. The kind that isn’t bulky but can do the job of the DSLR as well. The Sony NEX camera models would perfectly fit my lifestyle. And mind you I’ve been seeing more and more bloggers these days resorting to this unit because it’s equipped with a changeable lens. How cool is that?

It’s impractical to buy this valuable now, so I have to continue praying and wishing that something good is coming up for me. 😀


 P.S. As a blogger of my own, I have some more list to go but the NEX baby is the essential one…99 more days to go before Christmas Day, start your countdown now!  



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