The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

you remain dear to us

Two years ago past 12:00 noon our dear matriarch passed away. She suffered asthma attack at the start but later on had cardiac arrest causing her pronounced brain-dead. She was kept at the ICU and was on life support equipment for the next couple of days. Her children, grandchildren and relatives pay to visit her, with her conditions getting worse each day the hope of bringing life in her brain was hopeless but still everyone expect some miracle to happen. The doctors gave their words, the respirator is the only source of life at that time, that’s when the whole clan sat down and decide that it’s time to give her up. My maternal side considered the financial support, which will surely bloat to some thousands and thousands –they are short of fund to support the hospital bills increasing each day and that despite these costs there was no surety of life. On September 6, 2010, five days after, she was brought home in ambulance surrounded by nurses who aide her during the last few hours until she finally gave that final breathe. I don’t know but I can only wish I have millions and billions that time to keep her stay for as long my fund can support. And all I could remember was I eyes felt heavy after getting the message from my Nanay and cousins who were around that mournful day. For the next hour I was wordless, I want to recall how it was during my growing up years, how she played a role in my life. And I regret of not seeing her for one last time, we could have drive home shortly to say goodbye but we have issues back then. 2010, you really was dreadful year in our life. 😦

che and irish, happy times with the matriarch

The family has moved on yet from another lost of a loved one but my Ina’s memory would always be in our hearts and that no matter how despairingly life can be there’s always hope of a better tomorrow. For all we know Ina is now well rested and happy to be home with our creator. May she be our guide, our light, our sign as we tussle through the adversity of life.


P.S. In my time, let me die naturally please…


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