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round two at Ma Chicken Mami House

Our second visit at Ma Chicken Mami House happened so soon. Last Sunday, we purposely visit the branch at Fun Ranch in Pasig after our round at SM Hypermart. The restaurant is definitely bigger and better than the Trinoma branch, there’s even an outdoor dining place.

Since we don’t really frequent the malls at the North area and our visits at Tiendesitas are not that often these days we intent to consume the whole Food Tickets we have amounting to P500. The counter is definitely a lot wider only that you have to pay as you order here.

One thing I needed to validate before we ordered anything is if they accept the Food Tickets as form of payment, remember that when we try to use it at Trinoma their POS machine do not support this kind of transaction. The cashier was clueless about the Food Ticket in fact she told me that they could only accept cash. It’s only when I showed her the tickets she went on to validate my request. It took more than 10 minutes for them to check and finally the go signal for us to order.

We have the usual set from last our first visit, Ma’s Binondo Mami. A stomach filling noodle dish topped with pork humba, chicken strips, mushrooms swimming in a rich white broth.  Its taste brings back memories of old Chinatown, long before instant noodles hit the stores.  Indeed, the way mami should be!

Ma’s Kikiam Special Rice Toppings. Special Kikiam Ma’s favorite kikiam + rice = comfort meal!

And Crispy Piencit Canton. This fried noodle simply stands out the rest of our orders that night.

The order is big and heavily filled with mushroom, tofu, squid balls, pork slices, carrots and cabbage. There’s no doubt that the husband likes it every much!

I was supposed to order Black Gulaman with Sago but I don’t want to add more other than the Food Tickets for this meal, so, we both had Iced Tea, which was surprisingly good.

We had a good dinner, a very filling one! And I have to thank the people behind Ma Chicken Mami House promotions for the Food Tickets. We truly enjoyed it much. 🙂


Ma Chicken Mami House
Lower G/F Fun Ranch Complex
Frontera Verde E. Rodriguez Ave cor C5
Pasig City

Cebu 2012: Part IV –Hotel Elizabeth, the liveliest hotel in the Pearl City

Our 3D/2N stay in Cebu was made possible because of the voucher I won from Trip or Treats blog last December; in fact if not for this free accommodation at Hotel Elizabeth (take note it’s for four persons) we could have set aside yet again the plan of visiting the Queen City of the South.

Thus I cannot thank enough Ms J. Fernando for running promos every now and then. 🙂

I made our booking as early as March just to ensure the availability of the Executive Suite. Yes, the best part of my winning this time is I don’t need to shed a single cent for us four, unlike in our recent Bora trip where we tog Nanay with us I had to pay a lot for the additional head count. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining at all, I am just happy that I was able to share this trip with three of my favorite people with less damage on my savings account.

Anyhow, when we arrive at Hotel Elizabeth in the early morning of Jul 5, we didn’t check in yet hence I had the lobby view all alone. It’s airy and modern. And because its Mediterranean concept is designed by none other than the celebrity artist and interior designer Ms Tess Prieto-Valdez elegance was expected.

The chandelier and hand-painted murals at the lobby –both stunningly beautiful.

Flora Café and Piano Bar sits at the right wing from its entrance hall. We had breakfast at Flora Café for 2 days as inclusion of our stay. My party enjoyed the sumptuous breakfast spread. You can read my post here.

The Business Center

Following our whole day city tour that day, we arrived back at Hotel Elizabeth past 5pm. This time we really check-in, our whole day walking and driving around the city exhausted all the energy I had. That’s what I get from staying wide awake for more than 24 hours. Sigh!

Check-in was a breeze and the hotel staffs were all nice and accommodating. Our suite located at the 8th floor had all the excellent features that made our whole stay comfortable.

Wall paintings at the hallway of the 8th floor, in Mediterranean traditional costumes


Take a peek inside,

The Executive Suite has one bedroom and a living room with sofa and dining area.

This is the exact view of the living room from the entrance.

There is also a writing desk which gives you a scenic view of Cebu Business Park.

And yes, Hotel Elizabeth is just a 2-minutes walking distance to Ayala Mall.

There is also a mini-bar, refrigerator and microwave oven and in-room coffee & tea setup plus complimentary bottled water.

Our bedroom has 1 King size bed with imported lines and duvet. You can smell that the pillows and cover sheets are all fresh so it guarantees a good night’s sleep and rejuvenating rest.

They set-up 2 more single beds to accommodate us four, Leoncio and I stayed at the big bed. 🙂

We have 2 Flat Screen TV with cable channels. One is at the living area.

In-room electronic safe and hair dryer.

The private toilet and bath with hot and cold shower at the master’s bedroom is also equipped with a bathtub which Sam truly enjoyed, vanity kit (includes a loofah) and toiletries were also supplied as well as slippers, bathrobe and towels.

The second bathroom which is located near the entrance door was equally spacious except that it has no bathtub.

By the way, they use electronic key card system too to open the door and power up the electrical system. Telephone and a very cool air-conditioning system were provided to make your stay even more comfortable. Wifi is also available only that it’s pretty slow especially at the master’s bedroom.

With all the amenities we had inside our suite it’s very welcoming especially for us whose all first timers in Cebu.

One of the many wall mirrors, this one at the master’s bedroom

Oh and by the way, I just notice that our suite had eye-catching wall mirrors all over. 🙂

Other facilities and services of the hotel include:

•Daily Newspaper
•Restaurant, café, and bar
•Room service
•Ballroom, conference room
•Business center
•24-hour Front Desk and Daily Housekeeping
•Fitness center/ gym
•Safe deposit boxes
•Dry cleaning/ laundry
•Massage service
•Wi-Fi connectivity
•Standby generator, 24-hour security with CCTV monitoring

With Hotel Elizabeth’s excellent facilities, convenient location and warm hotel staffs I certainly want to come back and enjoy the genuine comfort they readily provide. 🙂

Once more one big thank you to ToT!


Hotel Elizabeth Cebu
Archbishop Reyes Avenue
Camputhaw, Cebu City
PhilippinesTelephone No.: (032) 231-8000 / Facsimile: (032) 231-8080
Central Reservation: (632) 912-2691 & 912-8000/ Facsimile: (632) 912-2693
E-mail Address:
Web Mail:


Aug 20, 2012 as Regular Holiday, Eid’l Fitr

I can’t wait to disclose this to everyone…

Now, I sense us going out some place. Yipee! 😀


excerpt from an old diary

While the Southwest Monsoon (Habagat) was cruelly hitting the metropolis last Tuesday, Leoncio and I were stuck at home. And while he find it always soothing to stay in bed I turn aside. I always save my sleep at night. I kept myself busy with things I don’t normally do on a regular weekend and holidays. That is digging up my old things and picking up those that I might need soon.

I felt I was born to write my story, the everyday bustle and hassle and everything that goes in between. And even if my grammar sucks and my ideas bore people to death, I want something I could always look back besides I don’t write for anyone either to please everyone. I started to write my own piece as early as in grade school, I used old notebooks at that time because perfumed stationeries and notebooks were special collections then. In high school, I had a formal diary which the English lecturer checks regularly. By the time I went to the university I had a decent writing pad to account the daily undertakings of a college lass away from home. When I started working in the telecom industry I started to write short stories that were obviously related to me. I would always make a printed copy of it and compile and read it randomly during late nights. I even had letters kept unsent. I can’t remember who gave me my first corporate diary, all I can recall was it made me start a detailed journal of everyday –the movies I’d seen, the food I ate, the people I was with and the trip I joined, the happy times and the not so happy ones. It became the extension of my life.

And even before I signed up a blog in 2008 I was maintaining a photo blog in Multiply back then alongside with the hand-written journals that I had. But because we moved in at this apartment house in 2006, I only had diaries starting 2006 at hand. It made me smile to read once more how life has been that year.

January 2006, after a month of tying the knot in a church wedding somewhere in Tagaytay, Leoncio and I moved in to our still pink home. It was like playing bahay-bahayan during the first few months but we eventually get used to it.

February 2006, six years ago when I had my significant advancement. I couldn’t thank enough my mentor in the early years, the one who sees the many faults in me but taught me how to be strong all along.

April 2006, we’ve been big fans of Ice Age since then and Sunday remained to be supermarket day until today.

I always had beautiful summer with my P friends; it was our last Puerto Galera trip. I miss them all and the fun we had.

May 2006, my first time to visit Hongkong sponsored by the company. It was grandiose to stay at the Marco Polo Hotel in TST and went on shopping with my colleagues.

June 2006, our Sunday remained busy as is except that we had time to jog. I suddenly miss Binondo on this.

Oh I never thought I was too much of a health buff that year, hmmmnnnn…

Ge’s leaving Manila shook me, my partner in crime will no longer be within my reach. We gave him a remarkable send-off only that when he returned things were never been the same.

July 2006, I cried a river of Kulet’s passing away. By the way, Kulet was my yellow lab who was 6yo then. I terribly miss her that I had a hard time deciding to get B after a year. Maybe Kulet was happy of my decision because it made easy for me to go on.

December 2006, our first trip to Baguio as a couple. We had a good time embracing the chilly weather and like honeymooner’s we doesn’t want to leave the Pine City so soon.

Hey, it was a shopping weekend to account. 😛

And Christmas remains to be my favorite time of the year, the Starbucks tradition on Christmas Day wasn’t missed.

Every year I make sure to get my own Starbucks diary only that this times I don’t need to write down everything on it. The online journal –my blogs keep me company every day, it keeps me sensible at things but there are limits to it because I choose to write only the happy notes this time. 🙂


pizza, coffee and cousins

Three weeks ago Leoncio and I drove home to Cavite to visit my family and of course our baby B. It was timely too that the maternal cousins were all accessible and even before I texted one of them I already got a phone call –“coffee later in Tagaytay!”  Quick and simple, enough for me to get jumpy. You know how I love seeing them every now and then, the reason why I don’t want to miss any occasions back in Cavite.

The date, Jul 21, past 8pm notwithstanding the heavy downpour we all drove to Tagaytay ridge. We all love Tagaytay, its scent, its coolness and its memories of us growing up. How I wish none of us had grown up that fast. 🙂 Anyhow, because my cousin’s family from Dubai was still here that night, the gathering serves it purpose to be our send-off get-together for them.

We were a little undecided but with the teens and kids riding with us we cannot go wrong with boxes of pizza. It’s an all-time favorite.

I thought everyone had dinner earlier but it doesn’t make sense when the boxes of pizza and pasta arrived. Who’s stuffed anyway?

I told you so we don’t say no, only if there’s no more to wolf down. Burp!

Belated happy birthday Mrs. Panganiban!

To you too Mami Jen and Aejna! 🙂

When times like this happen I feel like the old days, when we were just small kids and the rest were still babies or yet to be born. Happy times with the happiest foodie group in town!

We were ready and dogged to spend the whole night elsewhere. Right after a very filling dinner at Yellow Cab we drove to Summit Ridge Promenade for our late night coffee fix.

Oh whom do we thank for sponsoring our drinks? Hehehe…

That’s how phenomenal PBB Teens was, Myrtle ordered it for us. 😀

It’s always hot brew for the grown-ups and fraps for the teens.

Too bad that the line-up was not complete nonetheless everyone had a good night, a good laugh while enjoying a favorite drink. I wish occasions like this to happen regularly, once a month? Once in every quarter? I was also thinking that we could have one Sunday every month to get-together, spent the whole day, bring some chow –a potluck party will do well for all of us. Watchathink folks?

To Jo, Che and Jorrel (not in photo), until your next vacay. We all look forward on seeing you guys next year same time, same rainy season that is. Now, we can’t help but to look forward on seeing Baden this December, it would be a merry merry month I suppose.

Until then Mga Apo ni Panong at Bibing! 🙂


getting my sugar fix

I don’t know about you but I always have that sweet cravings so every now and then I would asked the husband to buy me something from the bakeshop or if he passes buy the convenience store a cold treat would likely do.

Last week from Shangri-la Mall, I was on the look for my sweet fix but none of the cakes around the mall actually captivates me further. I almost went home sad face, upset from being denied to get hold even just a slice of my favorite dessert. On the three stores that we stop at it’s out of stock, meaning it isn’t only me who’s partial to this little indulgence. 😀

Four layers of cashew meringue sandwiched with French butter cream, and topped with chopped cashews. It’s so sinfully good!

Despite the many reinvention of this nutty-meringue dessert, I still love Goldilocks version of it.

And I couldn’t just settle on a slice of this sansrival, definitely no rival! 😛


Goldilocks Bakeshop
Boni Avenue-Barangka
441 Barangka Drive cor. Boni Ave.