The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

part ii

The second leg of our long weekend in August was spent yet again in my home town and it’s because we didn’t tell anyone that we’re coming, people at our house were all surprised of our unexpected arrival.  Sometimes, surprises really work just like that hehehe.

Anyhow, we lazed around the house on Saturday night and the whole of Sunday. Felt too lazy to go anywhere else so we’re like hostages at home except that we’re like VIP –TV, eat and sleep! 😀  Hey, we’re on vacay so we grab the chance of overdoing it. The best part of it we’re able to spend time with B. 🙂

Ever wonder why the household now is crammed with kids? They’re vacationing too, oh not really; they’re my parents’ orphans’ hehehe.

Two girls were a second cousin’s daughters, two boys were my sister’s helper sons and the healthy cute boy is P, who loves to stay at my parents’ house these days. So imagine the clatter they create every now and then, hay! And probably because I’m not so used to it, it’s becoming stressful sometimes. Okay, not the one that I can’t stand. 🙂

When Monday came, we decided that it’s time to kick off, get some cool breeze, visit some places and eat out. Well, because Monday was another holiday it’s like Sunday after all.  We drove at the ridge of Tagaytay with no definite until it popped from my pious side that we go first at the Adoration Convent of Divine Mercy Pink Sisters.

I frequented the place from high school and all through the years I worked in the telco, and the last time we visited was documented here. But to my surprise it’s Leoncio’s first time to visit the place. How come ‘ney? Now I have to back read the old blog why we’re not together that time. Ya, you missed it because of the errand you had back in Ilocos and Bei and I had to stay in Cavite. 2010 was really a worst year for us to miss so many things. Sigh!

Anyway, from now on I see us visiting more often. 😀

On this side was Divine Word Seminary which we refer to as SVD (in latin Societas Verbi Divini, translation in English is Society of the Divine Word).

I can’t help but recall the many times we spent our school sports fest here, though it was long ago I remember we even have friends from the seminary only that I could no longer recollect their names. I wonder if they successfully pass the course and get ordained.

I failed to show them around because the route from the Pink Sisters compound was a little cluttered with elevated grass covering the trail. And because of the recent rains the loam is soft, going around is not advised especially with kids in tow. The next time, we could probably make use of its main entrance at SVD Road. We left the place before sundown, glad there was no rain that day, and went ahead at Summit Ridge Promenade for an early dinner.

The kids wanted none other than pizza, so we have to comply.

Keeping them busy while waiting for our food to arrive.

Our feast –spaghetti and garlic toast, chef salad, buddy pack, manager’s choice pizza and a pitcher of iced tea.

Believe me but the waiting time is longer than the time we wolfed everything down. 😀

The kids played at the 2nd floor right after dinner while Leoncio and I went at the supermarket. Too bad that I didn’t capture any photo of them while enjoying the activity at the gaming station.

Now, care for some chick? Before we drove home, we snacked some. That one-day old chick was Leoncio’s while we had quail eggs and fries to cap off the night.

It was another astounding weekend with the family and in one week time we’ll be home again. And yes, the “ber” month is coming so soon! It spells more holidays for me! 😛


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