The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

pizza, coffee and cousins

Three weeks ago Leoncio and I drove home to Cavite to visit my family and of course our baby B. It was timely too that the maternal cousins were all accessible and even before I texted one of them I already got a phone call –“coffee later in Tagaytay!”  Quick and simple, enough for me to get jumpy. You know how I love seeing them every now and then, the reason why I don’t want to miss any occasions back in Cavite.

The date, Jul 21, past 8pm notwithstanding the heavy downpour we all drove to Tagaytay ridge. We all love Tagaytay, its scent, its coolness and its memories of us growing up. How I wish none of us had grown up that fast. 🙂 Anyhow, because my cousin’s family from Dubai was still here that night, the gathering serves it purpose to be our send-off get-together for them.

We were a little undecided but with the teens and kids riding with us we cannot go wrong with boxes of pizza. It’s an all-time favorite.

I thought everyone had dinner earlier but it doesn’t make sense when the boxes of pizza and pasta arrived. Who’s stuffed anyway?

I told you so we don’t say no, only if there’s no more to wolf down. Burp!

Belated happy birthday Mrs. Panganiban!

To you too Mami Jen and Aejna! 🙂

When times like this happen I feel like the old days, when we were just small kids and the rest were still babies or yet to be born. Happy times with the happiest foodie group in town!

We were ready and dogged to spend the whole night elsewhere. Right after a very filling dinner at Yellow Cab we drove to Summit Ridge Promenade for our late night coffee fix.

Oh whom do we thank for sponsoring our drinks? Hehehe…

That’s how phenomenal PBB Teens was, Myrtle ordered it for us. 😀

It’s always hot brew for the grown-ups and fraps for the teens.

Too bad that the line-up was not complete nonetheless everyone had a good night, a good laugh while enjoying a favorite drink. I wish occasions like this to happen regularly, once a month? Once in every quarter? I was also thinking that we could have one Sunday every month to get-together, spent the whole day, bring some chow –a potluck party will do well for all of us. Watchathink folks?

To Jo, Che and Jorrel (not in photo), until your next vacay. We all look forward on seeing you guys next year same time, same rainy season that is. Now, we can’t help but to look forward on seeing Baden this December, it would be a merry merry month I suppose.

Until then Mga Apo ni Panong at Bibing! 🙂



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