The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

weekday meals (jul 30-aug 3)

Don’t think that it’s because I am missing my weekday meals post for three weeks now I am back to my old eating habit, oh no please I still thrive everyday to eat healthier. Though there were a number of cheat-eats the past days I ensure to balance it right away with the right amount of greens. 🙂

And for the recent weekday, the husband and I enjoyed these,

Sardines with spinach, it’s very comforting that once in a while I could eat canned food less the guilt feel 😀

Ginataang Hipon with kalabasa and sitaw (shrimp, squash and string beans in coconut milk). My very first time to prepare a ginataan recipe and it was a success –creamy, just the way we like our ginataan! Yum!

The husband liked it a lot that he requested me to repeat it this weekend. 😛

We also had another round of bitter gourd with tuna and egg, sinigang na hipon (yes, I’m a big fan of it!) and sayote tops with squash and string beans.

And because I am nursing a bad flu the entire week, I had my vitamin C fixed with the aide of fresh fruits.

It’s still gloomy outside, stay healthy and happy Saturday everyone! 🙂



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