The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

busy back at work

Let me take a pause on my Cebu travelogue for the meantime because it’s keeping me to bring up to date topic here. Yes, I’ve been occupied of it for almost a month now and yet completion is beyond far. Will come back with my blow by blow experience about the trip, for now life goes on in Manila! 🙂

After returning from Cebu I was engaged with work, too much of it especially when my contacts from Singapore went to Manila to visit. I have to meet them not just once but thrice while they are running with plethora of meetings here and there. Mr. T was very exhausted that he even needs to postpone his original flight back to SG. Oh well, I remember seeing him more than 8 years ago so despite the close contact everyday there were things to settle and discuss personally.

My bosses and I went to lunch with Mr. T and his son in the posh The New Gloria Maris at Greenhills but I do not have any photo of that appetizing lunch. I felt awkward doing it while the bosses were around, hehehe.

The second meeting was held at the office so I ordered Krispy Kreme for them but sadly they don’t get to take even a small bite of the exceedingly sweet doughnuts, they needed to run to another meeting. Busyness…

During the third meeting it was me and my colleague Mrs. F who didn’t enjoy much our food because we arrived too late at the thanksgiving dinner. That it didn’t help even the setting is buffet and eat-all-you-can. Sigh! Anyhow, the conversation that night was light and no mention of work that much; it was more of reminiscing the old day’s dealings, the formers and the green. Hehehe…

It was a pleasure meeting Mr. T and son again this time and I really need to mention, thank you for bringing in my favorite Chinese Bakkwa! 😛

Happy that I don’t need to wait for the Chinese New Year to savor this delicacy! Thanks again folks and see you around, who knows I will be fortunate to visit you in return. 😀



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