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Cebu 2012: Part III –our big eats!

Cebu 2012: Part I –flying to Cebu for the first time, read HERE
Cebu 2012: Part II –city tour, read HERE

Something that we regularly do when travelling is getting a dose of the neighborhood local fare. I bet it’s normal and we’re just any other tourist wanting to savor what the city has to offer that’s why while in Cebu we give our palates the green-light. 🙂

Because our stay in Hotel Elizabeth includes free breakfast, I was the happiest! (Thanks again to ToT for these!) People who know me well can attest that for my love for breakfast, I can skip lunch and a very light dinner would just do it. Well, it’s pretty normal for me to skip the succeeding meals because I could squeeze those three meals in one. 😛

Hotel Elizabeth’s breakfast may not be the best amongst I tried but it’s hefty and flavorsome. On our first day, we were treated with a yummy feast of everything.

Slices of wheat bread and fresh fruits were my jumpstart. 🙂

Eggs, it doesn’t matter how it’s cooked, I still love it as is.

My breakfast plate includes bacon, sausages, tocino, tuna and crispy dilis.

I had to take home dilis to Manila because I can’t get over its crisp and it’s a good match up with sinangag (fried rice).

Arrozcaldo anyone? Though it would taste better if it’s cooked with lots of ginger.

Green salad, my usual ending of a healthy breakfast!

They even have hash browns and spaghetti, which suit Sam and Nanay’s liking. 🙂

On our second and last day, the breakfast was even more filling.

I nibble on green salad, fresh fruits and orange juice to start up.

Followed by the main course –danggit, fish fillet, pork menudo (I picked carrots and potatoes only hence the taste of the menudo sauce was still there) and sinangag. I requested for a scrambled egg with cheese this time.

My second plate –pancit, dinner roll, pork menudo less the pork cubes again. 🙂 I have to attest that they cooked really tasty and that pancit was the evidence of it.

Guess who’s enjoying the hotel buffet very much 😀

Hotel Elizabeth serves breakfast to dinner, they even have Halo-Halo all you can for P99 only. We could have also tried their Bento Bento, Grill and Black Angus all you can if we only have plenty of time and a bigger stomach to stuff. 😀

Aside from Hotel Elizabeth’s spread we went our way to sample home-grown restaurants in Cebu that is recommended by most bloggers and travelers all this time.

Hotel Elizabeth Cebu
Archbishop Reyes Avenue
Camputhaw, Cebu City

The Original AA BBQ was a delight to our famished tummies after completing the first leg of our city tour. You order it raw and they will cook it to your preference. We had,

Sinigang na Hipon (Shrimps in tamarind broth)

Calamares (Calamari)

Pork BBQ

Tuna Belly

We paid in P770 including six cups of rice and 1.5L Coke. Burp!

The Original AA BQ
Pusok, Lapu Lapu City

Larsian is a prominent eating haven in Cebu so we didn’t think twice of dining there even if the place looks unhygienic. You see the best tasting food doesn’t always come from classy restaurants. 🙂

For those who don’t know yet, Larsian is a place with a number of barbecue stands offering similar barbecue selections. The choices include chicken parts –wings, thigh, skin, breast, feet or intestine; pork –pork bbq, liempo, liver, longganisa and intestine; seafood includes squid and fish. Hotdogs are also available.

Blue Marlin

Stuffed Squid

Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ and Longganisa

The inseparable pair of Barbeque –Puso or Hanging Rice, it is steamed rice wrapped in coconut leaves shaped like a diamond.

Nanay and I finished 3 Puso while Sam had 4 and Leoncio had 5. And guess how much we spent on this very sumptuous dinner, we paid in P380 all-in including the personal size sodas we had.

Okay, just don’t really expect much on the ambiance because it could get smoky and noisy. Prepare to use your bare hand when eating, anyway, they will provide you a cellophane. 😀

Fuente Osmena, Capitol Site

Save the best for last! 😀 During our last night in Cebu, we finally got to taste Cebu lechon and mind you I ensure that we dine where the Best Pig…Ever was hailed by none other than Anthony Bourdain himself.

Zubuchon is a brainchild of one of my favorite blogger, Mr. Marketman of Market Manila. I even wished of seeing him in person so I can snag a photo with him but sadly he wasn’t around on the date of our visit. Anyhow, my unhappiness was short-lived at all because how can someone be when the fare waiting for me was all mouth-watering that is. 🙂

Since One Mango Avenue branch is just a few turns away from Hotel Elizabeth we made it right away and found ourselves getting the best deal of our life. What we had,

Kamias Shake, I used to eat kamias straight from the tree while I was kid so I have no problem when the fruit becomes a shake this time. It was refreshing and distinctly unique. They also have Santol drink which we missed to try.

Eggplant Salad, I don’t expect much on this salad except that I need more fibers to complement the red meat that I was going to consume.

Ginataang Langka, I love its creaminess and could only wish I could try a ginataan recipe soon.

Lechon Dinuguan, this Zubuchon version was a big hit to my niece Sam who finished the bowl up to its last bits of meat.

Zubuchon Lechon, this is the star of our dinner that night, perfectly done crackled and crispy skin and the meat was divine! There’s no doubt that Zubuchon lechon is the best pig ever so far (for me, yes!).

We paid in just P970 for an absolute goodness! 😛

And I have to take home 2kls of it before we left Mactan!

One Mango Avenue Branch
General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City

I know my gastronomic experience of Cebu’s cuisine was very far from being sophisticated. There’s still a good rundown of restaurants that I would keep in mind the next time this amateur blogger visits the Queen City of the South!

P.S. It’s because Cebu’s almost synonymous to lechon, I would love to go back to sample more of its flavor one day 😛


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