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Monthly Archives: July 2012

weekday meals (jun 25-29)

The past workweek was tiring,

And preparing a decent and healthy meal after work was quite a test again. Mixed green and black lettuce with two kinds of cheese.

I made it right during the early part of the week only. Paksiw na Bangus and Boiled Egg with chopped tomato and onions.

And had a number of “cheat-eat” following Wednesday night 😦

I lost control and I feel unhappy about it. Angel’s Pizza and Yellow Cab Pasta.

This week would be another test and I hope to subsist without getting sick. Sigh! 😦


a sneak peek

From size 8 thirteen years ago my size doubled swiftly a year after getting married in 2005. And my size juggles from 14 and 16 since then; I’m beaming when at times a size 12 would fit in. 😀

You see how hard it is to remain fashionable when you’re full-size like that. Barely known plus size brands that won’t make me look like a mother hen of five, kidding aside being bulky has a set back the early years and I would normally shopped at the maternity section to hide most of the flab. Buti na lang nauso ang preggy look that time 🙂 .

Anyhow, despite Debenhams coming to the Philippines in 2005 I never had any idea of it until in 2008. And fast forward to present day the clothing line had been a favorite brand. Oh no, don’t judge me for spending lavishly many times, I bought all my pieces here on sale. And twice a year I am saving for their Blue Cross Sale where selected items can go low at 70% its original price tag. For somebody like me who cannot afford to shop regularly, Debenhams season sale is something to look forward over and over again.

A sneak peek yesterday at Makati branch, I want these two 😛

I love Debenhams because they love my size!


hey july

Half of the year officially ended an hour ago and today marked the start of the other half, though July connotes sunny mornings and rainy afternoons I still look at it as one eventful month this year. I look forward to more family bonding, more eat outs and more chitchats with the “maternals”.

By the way, I was out earlier with the cousins, we escort the wifey of a favorite cousin shopped for something deluxe. 😀

And we had a wonderful superb “cross-over” dinner after, thanks to Jo and Che. Enjoy the SG trip this coming week and let’s catch up once more soon as you’re back.

Super thanks for the Patchi box, it was so lovely! And I don’t want to unwrap it just like that. Oh God, why is Patchi chocolates so expensive here, I want it day by day.