The Month of the Heart of Winter

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B turns 33 in human years

It’s been nine months since that big decision to momentarily leave our Bea at my parent’s house in Cavite. It was one of the major decisions we had in 2011 and the saddest of all. It was very hard for us to accept that we will no longer see her everyday like it used to for the last four years. I thought I would recover, I thought as time goes by we would grow to accept that our separation has its better purpose. Frankly, I didn’t and most nights I would browse her photos on my phone before I put myself to sleep.  On weekends, I long for her presence more especially when I’m home alone. When we’re off to BGC, I can’t help but miss her company, she loves to be with people. I can only wish our life is free from ruthless people.

Last Sunday, as Bea marked her 5th birthday we gave her a little surprise, a small party for our family and some friends. We had fun as our Bea cheerfully poses with the kids. Yes, she loves kids very much because she feels right with them around. And though, she feels slightly sick that day she didn’t disappoints all her guest. She’s like that, always euphoric when people would tap and call out her name.

Bea is our gift from God and despite our physical separation now she would always be that small puppy I used to carry in my arms, she would always be Dadi’s girl and Momi’ s alter ego. And even supposing our separation would take longer that what we expected I know she is being taken care of very well. She can never be alone, she always has people around and that makes me feel content because I know she is loved.

Momi and Dadi wishes that may God continue to give you life and healthiness. We love you Bunso! 😛


Some of her party pics!

B’s past birthdays HERE.


2 responses to “B turns 33 in human years

  1. madjewel July 14, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    oh how sweet… i love dogs, such wonderful creature…

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