The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a sneak peek

From size 8 thirteen years ago my size doubled swiftly a year after getting married in 2005. And my size juggles from 14 and 16 since then; I’m beaming when at times a size 12 would fit in. 😀

You see how hard it is to remain fashionable when you’re full-size like that. Barely known plus size brands that won’t make me look like a mother hen of five, kidding aside being bulky has a set back the early years and I would normally shopped at the maternity section to hide most of the flab. Buti na lang nauso ang preggy look that time 🙂 .

Anyhow, despite Debenhams coming to the Philippines in 2005 I never had any idea of it until in 2008. And fast forward to present day the clothing line had been a favorite brand. Oh no, don’t judge me for spending lavishly many times, I bought all my pieces here on sale. And twice a year I am saving for their Blue Cross Sale where selected items can go low at 70% its original price tag. For somebody like me who cannot afford to shop regularly, Debenhams season sale is something to look forward over and over again.

A sneak peek yesterday at Makati branch, I want these two 😛

I love Debenhams because they love my size!



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