The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

promo is my thing

I am a self-confessed promo addict (wrote it many times here, here, and here) and I’m not ashamed to admit it, tell me who doesn’t want a free ticket, meal, gadget or anything that is being raffled these days. Actually, these online promotions prompt me to activate the facebook and twitter account, including the tumblr and GFC account. 😀

Joining promos here and there has been a routine for me and winning is a different story. I have my own share of triumphs including trips, accommodations, passes, stuffs, etc. but just like any of you there were things I really wanted but never won. But that doesn’t stop me at all; I continue to join one after the other. I think it’s making me productive at the same time, especially if I am spending the whole Saturday going online at home. At least it saves me from getting bored hence peeking to anyone’s page or anyone’s posts and begrudge on his new effects would be my least concern. I really wonder what do they got from posting telltale messages on their wall and getting it read by the public, bet getting something valuable from your positive wall post would be a lot more rewarding than those likes and comments which at times are uncalled-for.

Anyhow, let me continue my thing in joining online promos. The key would always be persistence, if you don’t get it today you’ll probably get it some other day. Join as many as you can and stay clear of the guidelines and mechanics all the time. Give time to write a good article if it’s being asked, or a sincere comment would just do it sometimes. Keep in mind that no matter how good your entry is, you need to submit on its deadline. And lastly, pin the promos you joined, this way you wouldn’t miss any announcement later on. Oh, I am most of time disastrous on this part. 😦

Counting the big and small freebies would somehow motivate you more; I always do that because it’s the only perk I can look forward at the end of each day. And I’d like to extend my thankfulness from generous bloggers and organizations sponsoring it. Keep it coming guys! 🙂

A rundown of my recent winning,

Dinner Buffet GC for 2 at Acacia Hotel Manila from Eats a Date! I am saving this one yet. 🙂

Something I won from their FB page but haven’t got it up until now. I wonder if this promo from Ma Chicken Mami House is a real one. 😦

Two tickets at the Yummy Eats 2012 which I wasn’t able to see right away, so in short, I wasn’t able to join the food trip that day. Sigh! 😦

And the very recent was from ANGEL’s Pizza Pasta Combo –P500 worth of GC which we availed last night! <Read: this is my second time to win from ANGEL’s FB promo>

It may sound petty to some but winning always brings in a good feel and a big smile! 😛


P.S.  I know there’s no such thing as free lunch that’s why I join promos to avail it, hehehe.


2 responses to “promo is my thing

  1. madjewel July 7, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    i love joining online promos too 🙂 kakaaddict sumali esp if nanalo ka na before…

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