The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

top picks from Debenhams online

Counting and waiting patiently for Debenhams Bluecross Sale yet again. How many days more? A full month to go (?), I can’t wait to peek at the racks and start my list.

Anyway, just so to give me some peace of mind and quite sleeps at night, I decided to grab collections from Debenhams online shop and wished that the same items will be put on sale by July. 🙂

Random snapshot of the pieces I’d like to have.


I need to decide what I really need sooner than the sale so I won’t end up buying something I can’t wear for long. And I need to set my limit this time. Well, I guess I need just few pieces ‘ney –a pair of ballet flats, a day dress, 3-5 tops, 2 trousers, I tell you it isn’t much. 😛

<photo source:>


P.S. While finishing this post, I got an sms from Debenhams PH, the message “the Debenhams Loyalty Cardholders EXCLUSIVE ONE-DAY ONLY PREVIEW SALE IS ON JUNE 21! Be the first to enjoy up to 50% off on great selection of items…”  –God it’s happening so soon! 🙂



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