The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Sunday and weekday meals (june 10-15)

This week eating plan was a failure following the holiday last Tuesday, the little party at the office last Wednesday and the lunch out meeting yesterday.  And I have no one to blame except myself when I woke up at 4am earlier in serious pain. It makes me call out all the saints I’ve known. 😦

A sneak peek of what I nibbled at home and in between,

I had had second thoughts of buying a hotel voucher for June 10 brunch besides the husband did not approve it, so, while the nation was glued to Pacman vs. Bradley exchange of blows, we enjoyed a filling brunch of our very own –OJ, Yang Chao Rice and Hotdogs. I ate one Hotdog only but feel very guilty! 😐

Sautéed Squash, String Beans and Malunggay Leaves was a left over from Sunday dinner, it turned out to be my Monday lunch.

Sardines with Misua or is it the other way around. 🙂  We had it on Monday dinner following a very tiring day at work.

Tuesday brunch was fanciful. Because we were off from work, I had more time to prepare a lavish meal for two. 🙂 Scrambled eggs with cheese, Luncheon Meat, OJ, Mixed Green with Grapes, Apple slices and Cashew Nuts, Balsamic dressing, Wheat Bread and Orange Jams.

I prepare the same Mixed Green for two days and brought it to work. It was the best mid-afternoon snack.

While Tuesday brunch remained healthy as is, the early dinner that same day was sinful that is. Because we were out the entire afternoon and exhausted from all the walking we did, we thought of rewarding our tummies with such a warm meal. The husband had a chicken part, while I had noodles and we shared a plateful of fried pork innards. It looks yummy and it was, only that I wasn’t so ready with the consequences. Sigh!

A breakfast party was thrown at the office last Wednesday to celebrate Janet’s 20-something birthday. I was tempted to eat Adobo, oh no, not the pork cuts, I had the chicken serving only but I think I had too much of its fatty sauce –a very bad one for me. 😦

I don’t have a photo of my Thursday buffet lunch because I was with the big boss. It was certainly delicious especially the Spicy Seafood’s I had on my plate but I swing over and took some roasted chicken to taste. If I had to do it again, I should have come back for that seafood dish alone minus the chicken meat.

Today, I had no packed lunch or anything so I had no choice but to pick lunch at the cafeteria, I had fish fillet which is just okay and stewed water spinach which is a little salty for my taste. The week is almost over and I had more “cheat-eats” to account. I hope to make it good over the weekend and stay home to keep my diet sane. 🙂


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