The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

the big sixty!

I don’t have the luxury of time right now to write a lengthy post, so, I would try to give a little detail of the happy photos you’ll find in here. 🙂

Cute cupcakes I ordered from Tita Lenn’s Yummies. I asked them to make 60 pieces to complement the big sixty theme.

Lovely cake which I asked Tita Lenn’s to customize, it’s just an 8’ round cake which became the topper of my cupcake tower. (I intentionally did not post the picture of the whole cake here after my dear baby B stepped on one side of it, hay!)

Unique isn’t it? Our guests cannot help but asked many times where did I order it.

Everyone enjoyed their cupcake as it doesn’t taste so sweet, even its frosting. 🙂

The General’s Lechon was present again this time.

One of Nanay’s specialty (actually her first attempt), which I didn’t even get to taste.

Before the party started Nanay’s favorite grandchildren profess in writing their happy birthday greetings.

Gian Paolo

Samantha Angela Marie

and Beatrice aka our Bea 😀

It’s a tradition in our house that before everyone gets a plate and get served, the food must be blessed. Kap. Bobby leads the thanksgiving prayer.

Countless photo ops followed,

Nanay with her apos 😀

He has to have his solo photo; he requested it this time 🙂

with Kap. Bobby and wife

Nanay and Tatay both seniors now

and with all the people who helped Nanay prepared the spread this day.

Everyone sings happy birthday after, then the customary cake blowing.

Nanay blowing her single candle after making a short pause, I wonder what was your wish Mother Dear?

And the feast began.

The people who went to celebrate with us were overflowing despite the fact that it was raining the whole time.

We were blessed with wonderful people around who took time to greet the celebrator.

Family (Tatay and Nanay with the one and only Uncle we dub)

Friends (Nanay with her former colleague in the academe, my fomer Social Studies teacher –Mrs. Penaflorida)

Nanay gets a little emotional with my surprise online greetings, with members of our family in photo holding the happy birthday sign. It could have been more remarkable if everyone complied on my very simple request. Hay! Anyway, to make the slide longer I picked some of Nanay’s best photos and put a little storyline on it. I hope it doesn’t give her a heavy heart after all. 🙂

The party ended so late because there were late comers nonetheless we’re thankful for their being there. 🙂


Special thanks to the following, Jheck for helping me photoshop-ing Nanay’s photo, Irish and Jenna for sending their photos on time, Sam and Paolo, ‘ney for all the effort in going to Recto, his classmate Ban (or Bal) for driving Winnie to Cavite, to his kumpare Ninong Roberto S., to Tita Gie, Tita Josie, Tita Bebot, Kuya James, Uncle Mike, Kuya Resty, Mrs. Penaflorida, Ninang Recy and Ninong Ver, Ninong Rico and Ninang Flor, to my paternal family –Kakang Petra, Ate Ester, Ate Ipang, Lina, Rakish, to all our neighbors, Bgy. officials and to all our house helps. I hope I didn’t miss any 😛


5 responses to “the big sixty!

  1. madjewel June 6, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    where is tita lenn’s yummies located?tnx

    • january June 6, 2012 at 2:35 pm

      it’s tucked in kapitolyo pasig, it’s not actually a store it’s a house that is converted to a big kitchen where yummies are baked. i’ll update the complete address tomorrow; i misplaced the flyer over the weekend 🙂

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