The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

date night: BHS, coffee, doughnuts

Because it’s either we’ve been too busy the past weekend or dog-tired after a work week, we skipped our usual Sunday date too many times (well, except for May 13). On my earlier post, I said that we have no plans about going out but any bustle outside would be much welcome. So, after Leoncio got “Alfred’s” new tires we drove to Boni High.

It’s been a while since we visited the place and we intentionally did it. You know how the place can get too crowded these days plus the fact that humans who frequent BHS tag along their four-legged bestfriend while shopping and dining here; I get jealous and poignant seeing them because I miss the many times we would bring Bea with us. She practically grew up visiting the green grounds of BHS. Read here.

Anyhow, Leoncio and I have come and despite the presence of canines everywhere I assume Bea couldn’t be happier where she is now and Tagaytay is now her favorite place to go.

Since it was nearly 6pm then, we decided to have snacks but ended with a very light dinner at a favorite coffee shop.

The frapuccino was perfect for the very humid weather. While Leoncio decided for corned beef pandesal, I had tuna.

Yes it’s me! Eating tuna spread now. The combination gave me a burp after, thank you Lord.

Thinking that it was too early to head home, we wander around BHS. Little did we know that the open place has expanded over the times we miss to visit? If you know Jamba Juice’s location, this is the area I am talking about.

In the heart of it was like a showground where you can hang out and people watch. And the water fountain was the main attraction.  Kids can’t get over it and grown-ups too.

I was attracted so many times with its changing colors, from green to blue to yellow to red. And asked Leoncio to give me a nice shot while the water seems to dance behind.

I don’t know how this part of BHS is called yet but I see myself visiting frequently again. Guess why? Yea, I would love to pay a quick visit soon as Cotton On opened its doors to the shopping public.

I’d love to join you Cotton On!

On our way back to the main grounds of BHS, we passed by R.O.X and Leoncio was itching to check out. We had a good time window shopping for footwear, hand carry bags and bikes. I was all the time wanting to buy something but get rid of the idea after considering the upcoming expenses this weekend. Sigh! I know I am going to get that pair soon.

You know how bold Leoncio can be at times, so he tried this walking challenge. He was able to cross the first try and never again.

Honey, it’s not a limbo rock. 🙂

After close to more than 10 attempts, he gave in.

On our way back to the parking area, I was humming about Krispy Kreme. Actually, we’re not big fans of this doughnut store but once in a while we’d love to try new things aside from the traditional. So, literally we didn’t get any of the old-style doughnuts. We decided to get half dozen of the assorted ones -P270.

This our box inclusion,

New York Cheesecake, my favorite amongst.

Caramel Kreme Crunch, Snickers Classic and White Chocolate Filled Doughnut with Kitkat

Oh, we miss out to order the Hershey’s flavored doughnut. 😦  Now, we have a justifiable reason to come back, di ba ney? 😛

We had a good time over the weekend, we break even between the bounteous of errands we have had and now we look to a brand new week. Have a bright one everyone! 🙂


Its official, his name is going to be “Alfred”!


6 responses to “date night: BHS, coffee, doughnuts

  1. docgelo May 30, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    after reading this post, i suddenly miss corned beef pandesal from starbucks & bonifacio high street+serendra.

    pero cotton on and uniqlo mayroon dito! halos lahat ata ng iilang malls sa penang mayroong cotton on and uniqlo. pero i still have to drag my feet to buy myself a shirt from those shops; i don’t know why.

    happy driving with alfred!

    • january May 30, 2012 at 4:51 pm

      we miss BHS too, the reason why we decided to visit last weekend and we also miss starbucks kase the other starbucks store that we frequent in rockwell was under renovation.

      abt cotton on, i’m pretty excited kase i find their items cheap in HK kaya lang i worry that the prices would shoot up pag andito na sya sa pinas. they’re wearable on weekends and travels 🙂

  2. madjewel June 2, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    weekend means treats and quality time 🙂

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