The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

uncovering a historical landmark

I am not so good in history and I hated the same way back in high school, probably it’s because it demands too many things to memorize –names, places, dates and so on and so forth.  But despite my aversion to the subject matter I love history in form of historical places. And I feel enchantment every time we would visit one.

To account I’ve been to countless cities and towns and every place has its own narrative. And I somehow felt guilty that while my trips continue to cultivate I have forgotten what my hometown has to offer. I failed to notice its beauty and its part in Philippine history.

At one time of our visit, we had the chance to pass by a historical landmark in a rustic barangay, bounding the town of Indang and Amadeo. Limbon had been my summer place during my growing up years. Remember my post here about the farmhouse, if you care to know it’s sited at this small barangay. But because I’m more than amused to play around the farm and dipped at the rivulet, I never had the chance to dig up more of the road. Anyway, at long last, I am no longer an outsider to my hometown.

Right after visiting my Nanay’s relative in Amadeo we made a stopover at this shrine, which happen to be Bonifacio’s Shrine –different from the one that is well-known in Maragondon, Cavite. I felt sad that this monument in Limbon do not exist to many. Actually, once you stepped in there’s a lonesome feel. I don’t know but probably because it seems Andres Bonifacio was like an outcast of the olden times. And the surroundings make it even remote-like.

Andres Bonifacio and his mighty bolo.

Anyhow, glad that there’s a historical tablet (explanatory marker) that briefly give details on what had happened on this site. Now, I think I need to visit more of Cavite’s historical places this time. 🙂



Bonifacio’s Shrine
Limbon, Indang, Cavite


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