The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

fish and vegetable diet

I guess some would pretty wonder why I have to talk about my eating habits these days. Does anyone care? Actually I am not after if someone out there would be interested to read, I know others would see me whining just like that but what important right now is I follow my rules. And I feel the need to document even the smallest progress as it would be my stimulus to go on.

My preference to switch to fish and vegetable diet (with occasional serving of chicken meat) wasn’t decided overnight. I had a hard time sticking to my own rules and watching the food I eat especially during weekdays. If I miss to bring packed lunch, I had no choice but to eat whatever white meat or veggie is available at the cafeteria, which tends to be salty or saucy or duplicating. And sometimes eating the same variant three times a week becomes monotonous. I worry that when it becomes dull and bland for my taste, my diet will be uncertain; the weakness to crave for the highly-flavored fare becomes intense. Thus, I need to make an extra effort to prepare my own food so that my new diet scheme will be a success all the way through.

While my approach this time isn’t grain-free at all, I cut down my serving to once a day only; preferably taken during lunch or breakfast. Grains do not cause weight-gain problems alone more so, grains can irritate the intestinal walls, resulting in inflammation and irritable bowels –the reason why I have to skip it and probably take it out gradually on my meals. And load my meals with fruits and vegetables which will provide enough fiber which is just right for my irritable digestive system.

I talked about the benefits of eating fish here, but let me add up that fish is good for your brain, heart, skin, and digestive tract. On choosing the right kind of fish –that, I still have to muster. I cannot suggest any, though the saltwater fish are recommended than the freshwater or farmed fish because it contains more iodine. In addition, frozen fish is a better choice than the “fresh” supermarket fish. It is because the quality of fish deteriorates quickly unless it is eaten on the same day of the catch.

And lastly, bake or steam your fish. I found here 10 reasons why steam cooking is good:

1. Retains food valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals
2. Maintains food moisture and freshness
3. Keeps food vibrant colors and natural flavors
4. Softens food fibres, making food tender and easily digestible
5. Discard the need for cooking oil or fat, resulting in light and healthy meals
6. Cooks almost all kinds of food from vegetables to meats to seafood to fruits and pasta
7. Cooks food fast and easy – cooks a complete meal in just under 30 minutes
8. Cooks over a single heat source a load of different layers of food stacked one on top of the other – saves time, energy and money
9. Keeps your kitchen clean – no oil, no smoke, no mess – cleaning up is easy.
10. Keeps everyone happy and healthy with loads of recipes for delicious and nutritious steamed dishes



P.S. I am not officially into a pescetarian diet, that still needs a lot of discipline. 🙂



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