The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Midas Café on Mom’s Day!

Leoncio and I didn’t go to Cavite to celebrate Mother’s Day, we stayed at the city over the weekend because of the plentiful of errands we have in hand in prep for another big celebration. Nonetheless, we managed to squeeze a posh lunch date on Sunday.

I remember buying Midas Hotel’s voucher Eat-All-You-Can Unlimited Buffet & Drinks sometime in November of last year, glad it was still valid until June of this year. I made the call to Midas last Friday with big hopes that they could accommodate us on Mother’s Day. You know how some establishment sometimes won’t allow the use of vouchers on special occasions , so when I got the confirmation that we could make use of it, I was thankful!

Midas Hotel is fairly new –the management, the furnishings and is considered as the newest boutique hotel that stood at the bay area. Read more,

Along Manila’s famous strip by the bay, in a landmark edifice that exudes elegance and sophistication, the newest boutique hotel that sets new trends in the hotel industry opens. Managed by Genesis Hotels and Resorts, Midas Hotel surpasses international standards of service and hospitality.

In the tradition of excellence set by the building’s former occupants, The Sheraton, Savoy Philippines and Hyatt Regency Manila, this 227-room hotel continues to be THE venue for creating fond memories.

Certain details of the original structure have been kept and integrated into the redesign of the building’s interiors, creating a fusion of the past and the present in perfect harmony. In the spacious hotel lobby, floor-to-ceiling adobe stone walls and pillars have been layered with chrome and crystals providing a stunning backdrop to its luxurious Italian designer furniture; while a fiber optic chandelier, possibly the only one of its kind in the Philippines, lends dramatic illumination.

Throughout the hotel, this statement of modern glam and luxury is carried out in every detail. <>

And yes, it’s a five-star hotel so expect it’s populated with opulence.

On the day of our visit, we came in early for the 11:30am lunch buffet so while waiting I had all the time to snapshot some at the lobby.

It’s spacious like most of the hotels I’ve been, comfy seats while waiting and a lobby bar at the other side is located. The 2702 is a perfect place for chill out while having some piano music.

Hermes boxes, is that you? Yes, there are bountiful of orange boxes everywhere at the lobby and physically Hermes bags near the lift. I was unmindful to capture it. 😦

Midas Café is located at the 2nd level only so our elevator ride was a flash. I was not expecting that they would allow us to enter the café right away even if it was too early. Well, thank you for them because it means I could scan the spread first before anyone else. The downside of it, some guests were like in a hurry to plate and eat even without the go signal yet, so, they ended complaining about no serving spoons, no sauces, and so on and so forth. If only you waited a bit guys, this would not happen at least. Sigh!

The café is an all-day dining facility, which can seat to more than a hundred people (my guess). Fresh and modern, with minimal lightning as there’s a portion of which allow the glare of natural daylight.

Anyway, Leoncio and I were seated next to the dessert station so I was able to capture everything unscathed.

Luscious assortments of sweets! Indulge!

Cheese cake and Chocolate cake (which did not appeal to me right away)


Churros, it was good but too oily for me; cookies and macaroons

Fruit tarts


Peach-pie tart and caramel custard


Mousses and creams

The rest of the spread,


Breads and pastries to your delight

Appetizers include assorted sushi and sashimi





The Seafood station, albeit the absence of oyster, the whole lot is very much welcome.

Chicken meat for grilling


Mongolian Station, yes we didn’t pass over.

Carving station, starring their Prime Rib (which is an excellent cut of meat according to my dear husband)


Baked Salmon and pizza

Fresh Fruits

Free flow of juice was included too. I had calamansi juice again and again.

There were also hot dishes of beef, pork and chicken which I didn’t bother to take a look anymore. Oh wait, there’s also lechon to choose from. 🙂

Now, our feast,

While Leoncio was enjoying his cup of soup and a warm piece of bread I start mine with a plate of greens. It’s a must for me to eat ample of this even if this is enjoyed at home.

I sampled the cheeses and the chicken-avocado salad (extreme in photo), which sounds very new for me. Well, it tasted good and refreshing.

Sushi and sashimi plate, with a small serving of pasta marinara.

A thin slab of red meat, which I got for this photo op only. Yea, I gave it to Leoncio after and settle down with steamed veggie and shrimp tempura alone. Proud that I was not even tempted to fork even a bit of it. By the way, the shrimp tempura was a miss, it was overcooked. 😦

Sharing Leoncio’s steak, picture perfect! 😛

My carbo loaded plate, carbonara was creamy but missing a bit of saltiness, perhaps a good cheese topping could fix it. The pizza looks nice and cheesy but I only got the shrimp topping on it and let the husband wolf down the rest.

While we remained focus to our own choices and plates, there were things we love to share.

Grilled shrimp, not the freshest; we should just requested it in butter and garlic, so its flavor would come out.

Grilled fish, no idea what was it, so I settled with grilled salmon only (at the rear in photo)

Baked mussels, I requested for another round of it. Yummy! 😀

Mongolian Bowl, which Leoncio created less the veggies and fulsome mix of seafood’s.

Yes, we also love to share sweetness. Our dessert plates,

Amongst crème brulee is a favorite. I can only wish more traces of burnt sugar on top.

Mango and blueberry crepe was made especially for me.

Oh we didn’t skipped to get some slices of fresh fruit.

While capping our delightful lunch buffet, Leoncio requested for a cup of coffee for him and a cup of green tea for me.

Well, I thought it’s perfect to pair it with some chocolates this time. Indeed, it was! The best was saved for last –heavenly chocolate frosting! 😀

And we’re perfectly done thirty minutes before the end of the lunch buffet at 2:30pm. Burp!

It’s us, Leoncio and January.

The picture of a happy couple always ready to give in our big palate a treat. 😛

2702 Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City Zip Code: 1300
Telephone: +632 902.0100
Fax: +632 659-5750 Mobile: +632 917.5977869



P.S. I survived this day without the red meat, what’s next? Sweets! Oh my, just kill me okay. 🙂 Our next stop would be at this another new hotel tucked at the highly-urbanized area of the south. How soon? I cannot tell right now but I need to thank Ms. Mae of eatsadate for this one. 🙂


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