The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

eating healthy for life

Gone into any diet scheme? Oh, remember Atkins, South Beach, Food Supplements, etc. Yea, among those I went through phase 1 of South Beach Diet 8 years ago. I didn’t finished phase 2 because I felt tired eating in small quantities + the effort in food preparation became stressful as days go on. And most of all, it’s costly. I had regrets about not completing it because I was losing fast then –the diet + my badminton routine helped me get lighter. Probably the Christmas season which was nearing that time was to blame, the temptation to eat and eat was so strong and before I knew it, I was back to my eating habits. Sigh!

I remember getting into a two week crash diet in 2005, well, I panicked because my wedding was nearing then. And my objective all the while is to look slimmer, and fit in to those clothes I wanted. I lost few pounds based on my calculations but eventually gained more and was back from being out of shape. So, I stopped and never mind at all. Anyway, there are a handful of excellent brands that has still my size. 🙂

You see, I worked more than 10 hours a day and getting a strict diet is a very hard ordeal. And mind you, pork dishes are the easiest to cook. Think about adobo, you just throw everything on a pan, let it simmer and presto! While doing a veggie dish would require more time from peeling, chopping and sautéing. Well, the thought of fast food chains are so convenient too. So, getting a meal isn’t really a difficult thing except that I always have quick thoughts, am I eating healthy?

Three months ago, I slowed down yet again from my usual ingestion. This time not to get rid of the flab and get fab, I have plenty of health reasons this time besides I am not getting any younger at all. I started eating less the red meat in February to start my new routine. In March, I induce more veggies and fruits and the aide of fiber supplements. Yes, I needed one because my slow metabolism even slowed down. By April (after Holy Week), I totally skipped the red meat and focus more on white meats. Chicken and fish became my staples. And more veggies and fruits were taken daily. This May, my next goal is to avoid the fast food chains that is unhealthy –consider the additives it has that damage not only your waistline but as a whole our health. Now, I regret all those years that I gorged on burgers and pizza. 😦

Though it may sound sick to some, I choose to stay and eat healthy this time. And I don’t mind going back with the basics –it’s vital at this stage. Now, don’t panic if you see me eating fresh and organic food choices in bulk in the days to come. I need it so I won’t have to count the calories again because the quality of food will outweigh the quantity every time.

Again, I’m not into losing weight forever. I just need to feel and eat good. And I hope it would work consequently now.


P.S. Tomorrow is a big challenge –enticing prime ribs and mouth-watering lamb chops. God, help me to pass over. 🙂



6 responses to “eating healthy for life

  1. madjewel May 12, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    I must agree it takes effort to prepare healthy food, most of the time I cook/boil only one variety of veggie hehe, yung madali lang hiwain like beans and ampalaya 🙂 if I like squash for ex,, i usually pre-chop them on weekend…

  2. docgelo May 14, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    kudos to your efforts for eating healthily!
    i was like facepalmed from this post’s title to its text because i, myself don’t practice what i preach (but at least, i remain to be compelling –“nakuha pang magbuhat ng bangko!” tsk tsk tsk! hehehe).

    i love the look of that mango-kani salad you tossed with those greens. it must have tasted so good too!

    • january May 15, 2012 at 7:19 pm

      i felt the need to eat healthy na this time docgelo, blame it on the age 😦

      my mango-kani salad was deli kaya lang i need to look for a good tasting oriental dressing kase the one available locally doesn’t seem to look good hehehe

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