The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

F21 shopping

Despite my pledge that I would not splurge these days and for the days to come I was convinced by my other side to go at the Forever 21 Sale at Megamall last Saturday night. Now, I am ashamed that I cannot hold my own word. God, why it has to be like this? 😦

Anyway, it turned out that the trip to Forever 21 Sale was a disappointment for us. First, the items weren’t really that cheap. Second, the displays were disordered; you can hardly identify which is which. And lastly the stocks weren’t that good. Sadly, I didn’t buy any at all. 😦 I thought that was the sign for me to stay put and just wait for my favorite season sale in August.

Sunday was a different story. Since I have to visit the nail salon and bought some stocks for the fridge we drove to Ayala Center after our trip to the airport. Well, I didn’t let the chance pass by. I told husband I would just look around but instantly found myself locked at the dressing room of F21. They weren’t on sale but few pieces were pegged at 30-50% discount, so, I grab few pieces and tried.

Okay, I went home with this Woven Top in two shades, in blue and yellow. 😛



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