The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

MJane’s send-off party

Even if I wanted to I cannot ask anyone to stay for long. I cannot ask anyone to go through the same way I’ve been, everyone has his own choice, his own goals and dreams, his life that cannot be controlled by anyone. I believe so, because we make our own happiness. It’s just that patience remained a virtue for me.

One of my girls in the office finally decided to quit her blossoming career after three years, MJane looks forward to a different career where she think she would be more valuable. I admire her determination in doing so. I remember how she expressed her concern the time she handed me her resignation letter, which I accepted freely not because I wanted her out of my group. I have reasons for not keeping her, for not offering her to stay; I know she made the right choice so why would I get in the way.

Anyway, fast forward to her last working day the team gave her a surprise send-off party. Josh was the perfect accomplice as she was able to bring MJane at House of Minis without any inkling that a celebration is waiting for her.

The stunned MJane!

It was a night of fun and food. They pretty enjoyed their prime cuts. 🙂  While yours truly find comfort in the company of genuine friends that chose to eat pasta with me. Remember my no red meat ordeal?

Take a peek of the happening that night and the fare we all devoured.

Half of the group ordered Specialties of the House while the other half including me decided for the Pasta Trail

Soup of Day, it was piping-hot when it was served to us.

Followed by Dinner Rolls


And their Prime Cuts –Pepper Steak, Tenderloin, etc. (I intentionally didn’t get a closer shot of their meats, afraid that I might get tempted to order one, hehehe)

Spaghetti Bolognese

Gambaretti –this was so so good with lots of shrimps!

For dessert everyone decided for a scoop of ice cream.


Remember the years you spent with us with –birthdays, parties, out of town trip (even if it was once) and all the good and bad days we shared for the last three years,

All of us will miss you but you will probably miss us more! 🙂

All the best MJane! See you soon!


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