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Boracay 2012: Part IV –simply Kalibo

We arrive at Kalibo past 6pm already on Mar 24, and since our flight back to Manila was scheduled the following morning I booked a hostel in Kalibo for us to spend the night.

Our hostel, which is the Ati-Atihan Festival is about 15 minutes away from the airport and is located nearby the public market and Gaisano Mall. For a budget hostel, I didn’t expect much especially that there were some bad reviews thereon. So, when a clean and comfy room welcomed us, I smiled. Just want I had in mind.

Family Room with 2 double beds, with H&C shower, cabled TV and wifi access. I find it cheap at P1, 300 only.

Free towels were also provided.

There was also a tapered cabinet where you can place your luggage and hang your clothes.

I love the details of the toilet door.

Outside our room was a living area where you can lounge.

After dropping our things, we went out of the hostel to walk around. Actually, I listed to visit a garden resort while in Kalibo but found out from our hostel guard that it closes early, so, I dropped the idea. We decided to look for a place to have dinner but we couldn’t find any that sounds authentic in Gaisano Mall. We were looking for a local eatery that serves native dishes like chicken binakol but we weren’t too lucky to spot any.

We were about to leave Gaisano Mall when we catch sight of BongBong’s Pasalubong Center. Though the store did not originate in Kalibo but in Bacolod, BongBong’s piaya is the most favorite pasalubong when travelling in the region.

Special Biscocho –defined as “baked bread topped with butter and sugar. The etymology of the word itself is related to the English biscuit and Italian biscotti in that it is derived from the Latin phrase word ‘bis coctus’ which means twice-baked.”

Piaya (no decent photo) –flat unleavened bread filled with mozcovado (raw) sugar. The bread is flaky, just like the Chinese hopia, and the filling is, of course, sweet. The dough is prepared then formed into small balls. The filling of mozcovado sugar is spooned at the center of each ball then the ball is re-shaped. Rolling pins are used to flatten them. Ovens used for commercially produced piaya are not enclosed contraptions but more like huge open griddles. The flattened piaya are arranged in rows and columns, cooked until the underside is lightly browned then flipped over to brown the opposite side. They are cooled then packed for selling.

Other products include,

Sambag Bread



And many more! 😀

Before leaving Gaisano Mall I caught Leoncio trying his luck on the lotto bet, which he eventually lost. 😦

Few steps from the mall entrance were the queue of trike; we approached one with hope that we could discover a hole-in-the-wall eatery thru them.

Certainly, we did! Tokanz La Paz Batchoy is located at the stretch of Regalado St.  Actually, I am not so familiar with the direction, so, if you plan to visit, just asks the trike driver to bring you there. 🙂

We were salivating to eat batchoy so all our orders were the same only to find out that it’s no longer available on that day. The second choice was a hot bowl of arrozcaldo but consequently it’s not available too. Oh my! What a big disappointment for us. And all the time we were standing in front of the counter those wait staff could had informed us nicely that they only have this and this.

Probably because of hunger it didn’t sink in to me that “Lumi” is Lomi, so, I had to ask the order taker a number of times about it.

At P50 per bowl, there isn’t much to rave about. I bet there are other eatery around that serves far better than our bowls.

We didn’t stay long outside of the hostel because we felt very tired that night plus we need to be up early for our flight.

Our stay in Ati-Atihan Festival includes free breakfast, such a good deal.

Given that our flight to Manila was scheduled at 9:30am that day, we prepared early and show up at the dining hall few minutes after 6am.

The breakfast fare we had,

Crispy Boneless Bangus for Nanay;

While Leoncio had Tocino Loco

And Viva Longganisa for me!

The reviews I read somewhere tell about how breakfast at Ati-Atihan was a disaster, I cannot agree on that in fact it’s just right for a quick stopover. At 7am, our service (trike we rode the previous day) was already waiting for in front of the hostel. On the dot si Kuya. 🙂

Thank you Ati-Atihan Festival for the warm accommodation. 🙂

After a swift check out, we went our way to Kalibo International Airport, only to discover at that point that the airport will open only at 7:30am.

The wait wasn’t too long to bore us. We spent the last two hours at the departure area.

A quick look around of the Kalibo International Airport, the second floor has ample seats for passengers waiting to board.

And there’s also a shop that sells imported bags and shoes. Okay, I didn’t shop a thing here. 😐

There are a number of coffee shops and food outlets.

You think so? I didn’t try it so I cannot compare hahaha! 🙂

Not long, boarding was announced. Glad that we have no delays with Zest Air, would probably choose this airline again.

This time Nanay took the aisle seat while Leoncio of the window seat.

We had a great vacay, short but very remarkable because I spent four days with two of the most special person in my life.

I had this photo shot because I was somehow wishing to ride Airphil on our next get away. It was granted few days after we arrived. Will be flying Airphil soon 😛 .


Special mentions and infos that might be of help to you 😀

Astoria Boracay
Tel. (+63 36) 288.1111
Tel. (+63 2) 910.0557, (+63 2) 687.1111 loc. 8024 (Manila office)
Ati-Atihan Festival Hostel & Conference Center
19 Matyrs Street, Kalibo 5600
Tel. (+63 36) ) 500.7620
Southwest Boracay Tours, Inc. / Manila Travel & Tours
Tel. (+63 36) 268.1820 / (+63 927) 735.7649 / (+63 928) 232.3238
Boracay Activities, contact Jonelyn Itulid
Tel. (+63 907) 152.9551
Zest Air
Tel. (+63 2) 855.3333

Hit A Bargain! Thank you so much! 🙂




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